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Tents for 6+ people

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Grand Canyon Black Knob 10

10 person tent with standing height
7 153.00 kr 3 735.00 kr

MSR Habitude 6 person tent

Spacious family tent with headroom
10 651.00 kr 9 220.00 kr

Nordisk Alfheim 12.6 Technical Cotton Tent, Sandshell

Nordic Comfort Teepee Tent.
11 128.00 kr 7 551.00 kr

Nordisk Alfheim 19.6 Technical Cotton Tent, Sandshell

Nordic Comfort Teepee tent.
13 195.00 kr 9 316.00 kr

Nordisk Asgard 12,6 Bomuldstelt

Nordic cotton tent for 6 people.
13 513.00 kr 9 397.00 kr

Nordic Asgard 19 Cotton Tent - Exhibition

Has been posted on our outdoor weekend
24 801.00 kr 15 898.00 kr

Nordisk Asgard 19,6 Bomuldstelt

Nordisk cotton tent for 10 people
18 601.00 kr 14 308.00 kr

Grand Canyon Indiana 10

Popular holiday tent
5 881.00 kr 3 640.00 kr

Helena 6 Beige

6 Person tent
8 266.00 kr

Nordisk Midgard 20

Family and gathering tent.
30 208.00 kr 23 895.00 kr

Nordisk Midgard 9.2

Family and gathering tent.
19 873.00 kr 14 308.00 kr

Nordisk Midgard 9.2 - Udstillingsmodel

Family and gathering tent.
19 873.00 kr 12 718.00 kr

Nordisk Reisa 6 PU Tent

Nordisk - tent for the big family or those who just want a little luxury.
12 559.00 kr 9 538.00 kr

Nordisk Utgard 13,2 Bomuldstelt

Nordic tent with high comfort.
14 308.00 kr 10 969.00 kr

Nordisk Vanaheim 24 Technical Cotton Tent, Sandshell

Cotton tent for larger groups from Nordisk.
29 095.00 kr 22 894.00 kr

Nordisk Vanaheim 40 Technical Cotton Tent, Sandshell

Cotton tent of 40 square meters.
33 070.00 kr

Outwell Elmdale 5PA

Large air tent for 5 people
16 264.00 kr 11 923.00 kr

Outwell Montana 6PE 2023

Large family tent with 2 sleeping cabins
15 024.00 kr 10 651.00 kr

Outwell Nevada 4P

4 person family tent
9 141.00 kr 7 948.00 kr

Outwell Nevada 5PE

Spacious family tent - Premium Collection
12 162.00 kr 10 333.00 kr

Outwell Springwood 5SG

5-person family tent
7 948.00 kr 5 563.00 kr

Outwell Springwood 6SG

6 Person Family Tent
8 902.00 kr 6 676.00 kr

Robens Chinook

8 person tent in Cotton / Polyester
13 513.00 kr 11 128.00 kr

Robens Chinook Ursa

Brilliant family and scout tent
19 396.00 kr 11 923.00 kr

Store tents for use by institutions that use them outdoors all year round and for scouts who occasionally set them up.

The tents are usually made of a cotton and polyester blend in the fabric, as it provides the best combination of durability and a good indoor climate. Several of the tents are designed for open fires or for heating with a wood stove, which provides a completely unique experience for the party or scout camp.

Good advice for making the tent last longer

If you need a large tent to stand outdoors for a long time - maybe all year round - there are things you can do to make it last longer.
First of all, you should buy a quality tent right from the start, one that can withstand what you intend it to withstand. We would be happy to help you find a tent that suits your needs. Just contact us and we will find a solution together.

Having said that, there are also things you can do once you have purchased a tent of the right quality. First and foremost, winter is the toughest time for the tent. If it is not used much during the cold and wet months, it may be a good idea to bring it inside and let it dry out.
If you also plan to use it in the winter, it may be a good idea to place it on an elevated wooden base if possible. Start with creating a base that is large enough for the tent, and then set up the tent on the base. If you really want to create a good environment, you can make the base so large that there is a raised terrace in front of the tent or all around it.

If it is not possible to create an elevated base, just make sure to remove any water that collects at the bottom frequently. This way, the edge remains dry instead of constantly wet. It is the bottom edge that is the first to deteriorate on a tent that stands outside all year long.

Another thing you can do to make the tent last longer is to use all the guy lines that come with the tent, so that it is as little affected by the wind as possible.