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Hiking stick

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Rubber feet for cane 2-pack

Trekmates spare part for all trekking poles.
94.00 kr

Masp Extra Foot for Walking Stick

Good foot for use on asphalt.
142.00 kr

Masters PVC rubber foot for hiking pole

Simple rubber foot
16.00 kr

Masters Ranger Green

Hiking stick in seat
793.00 kr

Masters Scout Antishock CSS

Aluminium hiking poles with 3 joints
634.00 kr 523.00 kr

Masters Scout Red

Set of 2 hiking poles
555.00 kr

Masters Summit Light Green

Light and strong hiking poles
952.00 kr

Masters Training

Aluminum Trekking Poles Set
873.00 kr

Robens Grasmere T7 Hiking Staff

Rod with anti-shock
666.00 kr 571.00 kr

Silva Rubber Feet for Poles

Spare part for your Silva trekking poles
134.00 kr 107.00 kr

Silva Vandrestave

Aluminium hiking poles
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Silva Vandrestave Aluminum

Up to 140 cm long.
793.00 kr 635.00 kr

Trekking 3Z

Silva hiking staff
1 215.00 kr 972.00 kr

Trekmates FoldLock Hiking Pole

3 piece hiking staff
555.00 kr

Silva Running poles carbon adjust 100-120cm.

Adjustable rod 100-120cm.
2 065.00 kr 1 652.00 kr

Silva Running Poles Carbon Adjust 120-140cm

129-140 cm adjustable running stick.
2 065.00 kr 1 652.00 kr

Masters Trekking pole eiger calu

Masters Trekking pole Eiger Calu
1 906.00 kr

Masters Trekking pole trecime carbon

Masters Trecime Carbon pole
2 701.00 kr

Masters Trekking pole scout antishock css

Masters Trekking pole: Scout Antishock CSS.
793.00 kr

Fizan Tierra Walking Stick

Telescopic walking stick at 64-140 cm.
793.00 kr

Robens Chimney Section

Extra pipe for your chimney
599.00 kr 475.00 kr

Andersenoutdoor.com is a pure outdoor shop and we offer a wide range of everything you need to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Having a good hiking pole can relieve up to 15% of the strain of walking in the mountains, where the adventure is meant to be experienced. This is quite a lot and can allow you to go even further, climb even higher, or be even more refreshed when the day hike is over, to enjoy the evening in the camp or at the hotel.
A good hiking pole should be adjustable in height to fit the person using it, it should feel good in the hand, and ideally it should have the ability to replace the tips when they wear out.
If you buy a hiking pole online, don't hesitate to use your right of return and ask for another pole to be sent or get a refund.
You are always welcome to call or write to andersenoutdoor.com for good advice on hiking poles or hiking accessories in general. We are here for you.