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Hiking shoes

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CMP Krhokus WP Shoes Men

Italian design
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

CMP Rigel Low Hiking Shoe.

Waterproof and breathable hiking shoes
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

CMP Rigel Low Hiking Shoe Q

Let, waterproof and breathable shoe for everyday use and hiking
1 588.00 kr 793.00 kr

Endurance Hansou Vibram WP

Unisex Hiking Shoes
1 906.00 kr 634.00 kr

Endurance Tingst M OutdoorShoe

Waterproof and breathable hiking shoes.
1 588.00 kr 793.00 kr

Green Comfort Track N Trail

Sustainable outdoor shoes
1 747.00 kr

Green Comfort Track N Trail Women

Waterproof and sustainable outdoor shoe
1 747.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Haglöfs Ridge GT Men

Leader shoes with Goretex membrane
2 224.00 kr

Haglöfs Ridge GT Women

Hiking shoes in leather
2 224.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Haglöfs Ridge Low Women

Leaders shoes for everyday and hiking
2 065.00 kr

Haglöfs Skuta Low Proof Eco Men

Hiking shoes for men.
1 747.00 kr 1 270.00 kr

Haglöfs Skuta Low Proof Eco Women

Hiking shoes for women.
1 747.00 kr 1 159.00 kr

Haglöfs Skuta Low Women OUTLET

Spacious hiking boot in suede.
1 588.00 kr 634.00 kr

Haglöfs Trail Fuse GT Q

Versatile trail shoe.
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

Haglöfs Trail Fuse Q

Trail shoes with good grip and good flexibility.
1 111.00 kr 793.00 kr

Hanwag Banks Low Bunion GTX

comfort and a waterproof design
3 019.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Hanwag Banks Low Bunion Lady GTX

Quality leather and comfort
3 019.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Hanwag Banks Low Bunion Lady LL

Delicious full-blooded hiking shoes
3 019.00 kr

Hanwag Banks Low Bunion LL

Low-cut hiking shoes
3 019.00 kr

Helly Hansen Ahiga V4 Hydropower

Delicious summer sneakers
1 588.00 kr 634.00 kr

Helly Hansen Cascade Low Hiking Shoes

Waterproof, breathable and really nice shoes.
2 065.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Helly Hansen W Ahiga V4 Hydropower

Delicious summer sneaker
1 588.00 kr 634.00 kr

Helly Hansen W Cascade Low HT

Waterproof and breathable hiking shoes
2 065.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Joe Nible MotionToes 2.0 Women

Light and comfortable shoe with a wide forefoot
2 542.00 kr

Hiking shoes provide extra support and comfort

When you step out into nature, your choice of footwear is crucial for the types of terrain you can hike on and how long you can hike. At Andersenoutdoor, we are dedicated to providing high-quality hiking shoes that give you the support, protection, and freedom you need for your hiking and trekking adventures.

A good hiking shoe is one of the best investments you can make if you walk and stand a lot and want to have energy for more. It benefits not only your feet but actually your whole body. Hiking shoes provide the extra support and comfort you need to handle the steep hills when hiking and the many steps of daily life.

How is a hiking shoe constructed?

But what does a hiking shoe actually consist of? Starting from the bottom, it is constructed with an outsole that can keep you on course whether you are walking on paths, forest floors, mountains with lots of loose stones and moss, or hiking on Danish asphalt trails. The hiking shoe must be adapted to the task it is carrying you through, and therefore it can vary what the best sole is made of - and how the patterns on the soles are.

Above the outsole is the midsole, which can be made of either EVA material or PU foam. EVA material is the most commonly used in a pair of hiking shoes, as it is filled with millions of small air holes that provide good absorption and ensure that the shoe is not too heavy. And a lightweight hiking shoe is precisely preferable in many respects.

Finally, there is the shoe itself - the upper with the insole - which is typically made of nylon or leather and also a membrane if the shoes are to be 100% waterproof. It varies greatly what each person prefers, and there are advantages and disadvantages to having either a waterproof shoe with a membrane or a shoe with an upper material of either nylon or leather.

Discover our trekking shoes that can handle any challenge

Whereas a hiking shoe is created for shorter trips and trails that extend over a few days, it is generally said that a trekking shoe is suitable for longer adventures that extend over several days or weeks and take place in challenging terrain far from established paths and cities. In addition, with trekking shoes, there is a greater emphasis on durability and the durability of the soles.

At Andersenoutdoor, you will find an extensive collection of trekking shoes designed to handle all the challenges that nature presents. Our shoes are carefully selected for their durability and performance, so you can confidently step on the trails. Whether you are hiking in the depths of the forest or scaling the peaks of the mountains, we have the right footwear for you.

Keep your feet drier with waterproof hiking shoes

If you love spending time in nature, chances are you also don't have a problem with rainy weather - it's just a matter of being prepared for it. That being said, waterproof hiking shoes are essential when you enjoy hiking, as you can easily find yourself in a situation with unpredictable weather conditions. At Andersenoutdoor, we offer hiking shoes specifically designed to withstand water. With waterproof materials and seam sealing, you can step through everything from wet meadows to large mud puddles with peace of mind, knowing that your feet will remain dry and comfortable.

Experience comfort with every step in a pair of lightweight hiking shoes

We understand the importance of comfort, especially when covering long distances. Our selection of lightweight hiking shoes provides you with the right balance between support and mobility. You can enjoy every step without feeling burdened by heavy shoes, while still maintaining the necessary protection.

A lightweight hiking shoe is designed to allow you to move with ease and natural flexibility. The lightweight design does not compromise comfort or performance but instead allows you to explore the terrain without feeling restricted. Whether you are moving quickly across the trails you have hiked so many times before or exploring new areas, our lightweight hiking shoes will be your reliable companion, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

We guide you to the perfect choice of hiking shoes

We understand if you find it overwhelming to navigate our extensive selection of hiking shoes. That is why we are always available to guide you to the right hiking shoe for your needs. Whether you need advice on fit, support, or specific terrain requirements, we are here to help you. Please contact us at +45 60 75 06 00 or send an email to andersenoutdoordk@andersenoutdoor.com, and we will guide you to the best possible hiking shoes.