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Knives and multitools

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Coghlans Camp Axe

Let men effectively increase for camping
269.00 kr 215.00 kr

Coghlans Commando Saw

Small chainsaw for hand power
62.00 kr 50.00 kr

Coghlans Folding Shovel

Foldable spades from Coghlans
269.00 kr 215.00 kr

Coghlans Folding Saw

Versatile forest
873.00 kr 698.00 kr

Coghlans Hatchet

Comfortable and handy
444.00 kr 355.00 kr

Coghlans Pocket Saw

Pocket Saw by Coghlans
94.00 kr 75.00 kr

Coghlans Økse

Pakbar Axe from Coghlans
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

Coghlans Pocket Sierra Saw

Pocket knife that never needs sharpening
221.00 kr 177.00 kr

Coghlans Sharpening Stone

Grinding stone with coarse and fine grit stone
110.00 kr 88.00 kr

Coghlan's Sierra Folding Saw

Sierra folds down from Coghlans.
221.00 kr 177.00 kr

Downwind Ulu - Black

Compact hunting knife
793.00 kr 635.00 kr

Easy Camp Folding Shovel

Durable shovel that takes up little space
253.00 kr 205.00 kr

Easy Camp Hand Folding Shovel

Little spade
142.00 kr 13.00 kr

Edelrid Tooth Kniv

Partially readable knife
396.00 kr

Edge Utility knife orange rubber

Practical and reliable
205.00 kr 164.00 kr

Euro Trail Folding Spade

folding shovel
270.00 kr

Friliv Care Knife Sharpener

New life to your gear
119.00 kr

Friliv Care Knife Sharpener - shipping

Give new life to your gear
197.00 kr

Friliv Care Axe Sharpening

Cut down the trees faster than before
119.00 kr

Friliv Care Ax Sharpening - shipping

New life for your gear
197.00 kr

Gator Folder Clip Point Fine Edge

Folding hunting knife
841.00 kr 673.00 kr

Gator Folder CP, SE, GB

841.00 kr 673.00 kr

Gerber Affinity - Copper D2

Durable and elegant everyday knife
793.00 kr 635.00 kr

Gerber ArmBar Cork, Shimmer Gold

Tjenerværktøj med meget mere
555.00 kr 444.00 kr

Outdoor knives and multitools
Gear that you simply must own
Outdoor knives, multitools, axes, and folding spades are a must when venturing outside the confines of home and into the wild nature. Regardless of your needs, we can cover them.

A good outdoor knife is probably the most important out of the four mentioned things. Knives and daggers can be used for cooking, bushcraft, carving a fire stick, and much more. If your knife is part of a multitool, you are even better off.

With a good axe, you are certainly well-equipped. We even have two combination axes, where one handle has a clever little saw and the other a knife. However, if you are going on a long hike, consider if it is worth the weight.

Use of knives

At andersenoutdoor.com, we have been selling knives, folding spades, axes, and multitools for many years. Even more importantly, we use these indispensable tools ourselves when we are out as scouts on a hike, in the mountains with our family, or on a canoe trip with the kids. It becomes harder and harder to do without, and with the right quality purchased from the start, the investment is something you only have to make once. (But beware, you quickly end up buying a few pieces).

Caring for knives and axes

You can enjoy your knives and axes for many years, and even a lifetime if you take proper care of them. A dull knife is almost worse than no knife, so remember to sharpen your knife a little but often. If you are not so skilled with a traditional whetstone, Gerber makes a handy little sharpener, which we also sell here on the site. For the most part, a fine metal file is enough to sharpen your axe.