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Nordisk Kari 20 Technical Cotton Tarp, Sandshell

Nordisk tarp of 20 m2
5 325.00 kr 3 655.00 kr

Absis Base 7 light

Tentipi vestibule for 7-person lavvu.
5 883.00 kr

Bitihorn Trek Tarp Stor

4,35 x 2,9 meters.
1 747.00 kr

Carinthia Micro Tent Plus

A very small tent for one person
12 718.00 kr

Carinthia Observer Plus

Bivybag with Goretex membrane
11 128.00 kr 8 664.00 kr

Coghlans 17 cm steel Tent Pegs

4 pcs.
14.00 kr 11.00 kr

Coghlans Replacement Shock Cord

550 meter elastic reserve rope
46.00 kr 37.00 kr

Easy Camp Beach

Wind and sun protection at the beach
555.00 kr

Fjellduk Pro grøn

Helsport All-in-one tarp.
2 383.00 kr

Grand Canyon Shelter 5

Sailcloth and much more
3 560.00 kr

Grand Canyon Black Knob 10

10 person tent with standing height
7 153.00 kr 3 735.00 kr

Grand Canyon Indiana 8

8 person tent
5 484.00 kr 3 175.00 kr

Grand Canyon Robson 2

Tunnel tent for 2 people
2 065.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

Grand Canyon Shelter 4

Sail with much more
2 670.00 kr

Topeka 4 Green

4 persons is the count
2 383.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Helsport Bitihorn Pro Tarp

3,5 x 2,9 Meters.
2 383.00 kr

Helsport Finnmark 6-8 personer Lavvu

Helsport Lavvu for extreme use.
17 488.00 kr 12 718.00 kr

Helsport Fonnfjell Superlight 2

Lightweight tent with 3 entrances.
10 810.00 kr

Helsport lavvu bund str. 6-8 5 kantet

protects against condensation.
1 891.00 kr

Lavvu base 8-10 octagonal

Helsport original floor for Varanger 8-10
3 178.00 kr 2 701.00 kr

Helsport Lofoten Pro 2 Camp

Lightweight tent for 2 people.
10 810.00 kr 7 948.00 kr

Helsport Lofoten Pro 3 Camp

High-quality all-round tent.
12 241.00 kr 8 743.00 kr

Helsport Lofoten Pro 4 Camp

Lightweight tent for 4 people from Helsport.
13 513.00 kr 10 095.00 kr

Helsport Lofoten Superlight 2 camp

Ultra-lightweight trekking tent.
13 354.00 kr 11 764.00 kr

Tents for your needs 

Tents come in many different variations, qualities, and purposes. On this page, you will find a selection of tents designed to meet even the most demanding adventurous souls' needs. 

You typically find a good hiking tent in the categories of 1-person tents, 2-3 person tents, or maybe 4-5 person tents if you are going with a larger group. For some individuals, lavvu tents can also be used for hiking, but they are otherwise great outdoor tents suitable for scout groups, families, or more passionate outdoor enthusiasts who want a tent with headroom and a bit more space. Family tents are often seen in cozy surroundings at campsites and typically offer a good amount of luxury, space, headroom, and features for the perfect family vacation. 

When you want to ensure getting a tent of good quality

When you embark on an adventure, it is crucial to have a reliable tent as your protective sanctuary. At Andersenoutdoor, we are deeply aware that your tent experience can define your outdoor journey. Therefore, we only offer tent options where quality is top-notch, tailored to your individual needs and preferences. 

Whether you are looking for a lightweight option, a tent with extra comfort, or one that can provide you with a spacious experience, we have it in good quality here. Among other things, we also sell 4-season tents that are constructed with sturdy materials, including snow flaps and stronger poles that ensure protection in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Get ready for the adventure with a tent purchase

Take the next step towards unforgettable outdoor adventures with a tent from Andersenoutdoor. Our tents allow you to share these moments with your loved ones while enjoying ultimate comfort and functionality. Choose a tent that suits your style and needs and experience nature in a whole new way.

Visit our store in Støvring or explore our webshop, where you can find a wide selection of tents and accessories. Let Andersenoutdoor be your trusted partner as you explore nature and create lasting memories. Buy your tent today and let the adventure begin! 

We have great deals on tents

Your dream tent trip doesn't have to break the bank. At Andersenoutdoor, we provide you with access to fantastic offers on tents that combine value with quality. Whether you are looking for a simple tent for a weekend trip or want to upgrade to a larger tent for the whole family, we always have exciting offers that meet your needs. 

See our selection of tents with 2 sleeping cabins 

When you are going on a trip and want to share the beauty of nature with one or two companions, our selection of tents with 2 sleeping cabins is the perfect choice. Whether you are going on a hiking trip, motorcycle vacation, or a spontaneous weekend getaway, our tents are designed to deliver both reliability and convenience.

At Andersenoutdoor, we have gathered an impressive selection of tents in this category that cater to your individual needs. If you need assistance in finding the perfect tent with 2 sleeping cabins, our experienced sales staff is ready to assist you in making the right choice.

We are experts in outdoor equipment 

We share your love for nature and want to enhance your adventures with the best equipment. Andersenoutdoor is the place where expertise and passion meet, and our commitment to delivering premium tents and equipment is unparalleled. So venture into nature with a tent from Andersenoutdoor – we are your reliable outdoor companion that creates the framework for unforgettable moments under the open sky. Visit our physical store in Støvring or explore our webshop and take the first step towards your next big adventure.

If you need assistance in choosing a good tent, you are always welcome to contact our experts in outdoor equipment – they are here to help you and are available by phone at 60 75 06 00 and email andersenoutdoordk@andersenoutdoor.com.