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Nordisk Kari 20 Technical Cotton Tarp, Sandshell

Nordisk tarp of 20 m2
5 325.00 kr 3 496.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 14 PU Tarp

Nordisk tarp 14 m2.
1 429.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 14 SI

Nordisk lightweight tarp - 14 m2.
2 701.00 kr 2 463.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 20 PU

Nordisk tarp - 20 m2.
1 747.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 20 SI

Nordisk lightweight tarp - 20 m2.
3 655.00 kr 3 337.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 9 PU Tarp

1 350.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Nordisk Voss 9 SI

Nordisk tarp 9 m2.
1 906.00 kr 1 191.00 kr

Bitihorn Trek Tarp Stor

4,35 x 2,9 meters.
1 747.00 kr

Fjellduk Pro grøn

Helsport All-in-one tarp.
2 383.00 kr

Helsport Bitihorn Pro Tarp

3,5 x 2,9 Meters.
2 383.00 kr

Helsport light.

2 383.00 kr

LifeSystems Survival Shelter 2

Emergency solution for shielding
793.00 kr

LifeSystems Survival Shelter 4

Emergency solution for protection from wind and weather
1 032.00 kr 952.00 kr

Kari Diamonds 10 technical cotton

Nordic versatile tarp in high quality
3 973.00 kr 3 019.00 kr

Nordisk Kari 12 Technical Cotton

Nordisk versatile tarp of 12 m2.
3 973.00 kr 2 940.00 kr

Nordisk Voss Diamond PU

Nordisk lättvikts tarp.
873.00 kr

Nordisk Voss Diamond SI

Nordisk lightweight tarp.
2 065.00 kr 1 747.00 kr

Sea To Summit Escapist 15D Tarp

Escapist 15D tarp from Sea to Summit
2 622.00 kr 1 906.00 kr

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Tarp

Ultralight tarp for hammocks from Sea to Summit
2 224.00 kr 1 780.00 kr

Sea To Summit Jungle Hammock Tarp

Waterproof tarp, 280*178 cm.
1 668.00 kr 1 334.00 kr

Sea To Summit lightweight Tarp and Poncho

Tarp and poncho in one combination from Sea to Summit
1 429.00 kr

Sea To Summit Tarp and Poncho

Tarp and Pocho are from Sea To Summit
921.00 kr

Tatonka Tarp Pole 300 cm

Between the poles is 300 cm from Tatonka.
1 111.00 kr

Trekmates Hexagon Tarp

Between with triangular edge
1 159.00 kr

Tarps from the best manufacturers

Wide selection of tarps in lightweight materials
The tarp tent is becoming more and more popular when we go on a great adventure in nature. How can the adventurer get even closer to nature than sleeping under one?

What is a tarp?

It is a tarpaulin that can be used for many purposes. In the military, a tarp is called a rain cover and it is the soldier's own little opportunity to create a shelter from the rain at night. In civilian life, it is sometimes used for the same purpose, namely instead of a tent. But only if you can reasonably be sure that there won't be a storm. A strong wind is actually one of the worst things when lying under a tarp, as there are not many possibilities to block the wind.

Rain can easily be kept out, especially when it falls straight down and is not blown sideways by the wind. It is actually incredibly cozy to lie under your tarp and watch large raindrops fall right in front of your nose, while the sleeping bag keeps your body warm from the outside and the warm cocoa warms you from the inside.

It is also very useful for many other purposes. It can be a larger group on a mountain trip who want an extra shelter for their luggage at night. It allows for bringing smaller tents, or it can be used as shade from the sun over the sandbox.

What materials is it made of?

A tarp is typically made by tent manufacturers and is often sewn from leftover fabric from tent production.
When you are familiar with lightweight tents, you may know that they are made from PU-treated polyester or silicone-treated nylon. It is the same with tarps - of course.

In addition, there are more durable models made of cotton, which are often used in kindergartens or institutions. Places where it doesn't need to be transported every day.
Polyester models are typically a bit cheaper - Nylon models are certainly the lightest.

How do I choose the right one?

The most important thing is to clarify what it will be used for and how often it will be used. If you need to carry it a lot in a backpack, it is important that it is as lightweight as possible. If you need it a lot, it is also important that it is durable. If you need it less and it will be transported in a car, you can easily choose a cheaper model.

The most durable ones are probably the ones made of cotton - they are also much heavier than other models. Therefore, choose one of those if you are sure that you won't have to carry it for long distances. Possibly if it will be hanging more permanently outside.