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Carex IcePack

24.00 kr

Carex X Pro Sportstape 3.75cm

Sports tape with good support
46.00 kr

Coghlans Foot Care Kit

First aid for the feet
94.00 kr 75.00 kr

Compeed Blister Mix

5 different adhesive plasters for hikers
111.00 kr

Compeed Blister Plaster S_6 pcs

Vableplaster til vandrere
95.00 kr

Emergency Survival Poncho

Emergency poncho
142.00 kr 113.00 kr

Førstehjælpstaske M

Tatonka førstehjælp til de lidt længere ture
475.00 kr

Førstehjælpstaske XS

Tatonka first aid for small trips.
157.00 kr

LifeSystem Solo Traveller First Aid Kit

first aid while traveling
952.00 kr 762.00 kr

LifeSystems Blister Kit

Everything you need for the treatment of blisters
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

LifeSystems Camping First Aid Kit

First aid kit with contents
714.00 kr 571.00 kr

Lifesystems Compact Tick Tweezers

Small tweezers for ticks
48.00 kr 38.00 kr

LifeSystems Dressings Refill Pack

Refill for your first aid kit
205.00 kr 164.00 kr

LifeSystems Ekko Flute

108 dB sound can be heard very far away!
48.00 kr 38.00 kr

LifeSystems First Aid Kit

When the accident happens - it's good to have the bag with you!
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

LifeSystems First Aid Kit

When professional help is far away
793.00 kr 635.00 kr

LifeSystems First Aid Kit for Pocket

All the necessary for the easy hike.
316.00 kr 253.00 kr

Lifesystems Heatshield Bag

Wind and waterproof
221.00 kr 177.00 kr

LifeSystems Hurricane Whistle

The flute that can be heard in all weather conditions
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

LifeSystems Light and Dry Micro Kit

Great size for running
348.00 kr 279.00 kr

Lifesystems Light and Dry Pro First Aid kit

Waterproof first aid kit
475.00 kr 380.00 kr

LifeSystems Mini Sterile Kit

sterile first aid kit for travel use
285.00 kr 228.00 kr

Lifesystems Mountain Leader Pro First Aid Kit

First aid kit for 1 - 16 participants on a trip
1 588.00 kr 1 271.00 kr

LifeSystems Nano First Aid Kit

Waterproof and compact first aid kit
269.00 kr 215.00 kr