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Tents for 4-5 people

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Nordisk Oppland 4 PU

A 4-person tent from Nordisk
6 835.00 kr 5 031.00 kr

Robens Goshawk 4

With double entrance
7 789.00 kr 4 768.00 kr

Robens Goshawk 4 - Display model

With double entrance
7 789.00 kr 4 768.00 kr

Grand Canyon Shelter 4

Sail with much more
2 670.00 kr

Grand Canyon Shelter 5

Sailcloth and much more
3 560.00 kr

Helsport Lofoten Pro 4 Camp

Lightweight tent for 4 people from Helsport.
13 513.00 kr 10 095.00 kr

Helsport Svalbard 6 Camp

6-person incredibly wind-resistant tent.
20 350.00 kr

Helsport Valhall 6-8 Group Tent

Large and spacious tent from Helsport.
20 350.00 kr 13 769.00 kr

MSR Elixir 4 Tent V2

Ultralight PU tent from MSR - incl. Footprint.
7 789.00 kr 5 532.00 kr

MSR Habit 4 person tent

Spacious tent with standing height
9 538.00 kr 5 404.00 kr

Atlanta 4 Beige

4 Pers.
4 291.00 kr

Grand Canyon Atlanta 4 Tent

Grand Canyon family counts
4 927.00 kr 3 814.00 kr

Grand Canyon ROBSON 4

4 person tunnel tent
3 178.00 kr 2 224.00 kr

Parks 5 Beige

5 Person tent
6 835.00 kr

Nordisk Thrymheim 5

Family tent, lavvu, etc.
11 128.00 kr 5 401.00 kr

Topeka 4 Green

4 persons is the count
2 383.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Nordisk Vimur 4_8

Tent that can be attached to Midgard or used alone.
10 651.00 kr 7 630.00 kr

Nordisk Vimur 5_6

Tent that can be attached to Midgard.
11 923.00 kr

Nordisk Ydun 5,5 bomuldstelt

Nordic tent - perfect for the family
10 333.00 kr

Outwell Nevada 5P

Closed tent with delicious features
14 308.00 kr 10 333.00 kr

Robens Pioneer 4EX

4 person tunnel tent with large vestibule
5 295.00 kr 3 178.00 kr

Robens Yukon Shelter

Tent inspired by the traditional shelters.
12 798.00 kr 9 650.00 kr

Spitsbergen X-Trem 4 camp

Extra durable tent for polar conditions.
18 760.00 kr

Robens Lynx 4

4-season tent
9 014.00 kr 6 358.00 kr

4-5 person tents for all kinds of outdoor activities - Outdoor tents from the best manufacturers.

When choosing a tent for 4-5 people, it's nice to know if there can actually be that many people in it, and how much space it takes up in your backpack if you have to hike with it.

It is often experienced that the space inside is smaller than the number of people the manufacturer states it can accommodate. We thought there could be 4 people and actually we had to squeeze together tightly to fit. It's annoying if the expectation has been something else.

Remember that lightweight tents are made to be as light as possible - not surprisingly. Therefore, the space is intended for just being there and not much more. This makes the tent lighter and the pack volume smaller.

A sleeping pad is typically 50-60 cm wide. There should be room for 4 of them next to each other to actually sleep there. Therefore, look at the total width available for sleeping and divide by the number of people who need to be there.

What should I consider when choosing a lightweight tent?

It can be important how many entrances there are and how they are positioned. It's annoying to have to crawl over 3 friends because one needs to go out and pee at night. Likewise, cooking can be a challenge. It can take up the only space available at the entrance so that the steam from the boiling pots can escape.

If it is to be used on more demanding trips, for example in the mountains in Norway, it may also be worth considering if the tent can be set up quickly and how it can stand without stakes. The weather in the mountains can change from beautiful sunshine to icy rain and wind in just a few minutes. In such a situation, it can be nice, or even essential, to be able to set up your tent quickly. Also, in a place where there is no time to choose with particular care.

You are always welcome to contact andersenoutdoor.com for advice on choosing your next tent.