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Winter sleeping bags

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Carintha Defence 4 185

Moon-shaped sleeping bag.
3 178.00 kr

Carinthia Brenta M LZ

Fiber bag
2 860.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Carinthia D 600x M

High-quality sleeping bag
9 379.00 kr

Carinthia Defence 4 200 Sleeping Bag

Popular model from Austria
3 337.00 kr 2 860.00 kr

Carinthia Defence 6 200

warm winter sleeping bag
3 814.00 kr 3 337.00 kr

Carinthia G 350 L

Robust fiber bag for winter use
5 404.00 kr

Carinthia G 350 M

Very warm and durable fiber sleeping bag.
5 086.00 kr

Carinthia G 490X winter sleeping bag

Detailed sleeping bag with high comfort temperature
5 881.00 kr

Deuter Astro pro 800 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag from Deuter
7 153.00 kr

Deuter Exosphere -10°

PFC-free fiber bag
3 178.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Deuter Exosphere -10°

PFC-free fiber bag
3 178.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Deuter Exosphere -10° SL

PFC-free fiber sleeping bag - short model
3 019.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Haglöfs Musca -13 Fiberpose

Winter sleeping bag specially designed for women
2 065.00 kr 1 350.00 kr

Haglöfs Tarius -18 Fiber Sovepose

Fiber sleeping bag Tarius -18 from Haglöfs.
2 383.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Helsport Polheim Sovepose

Down sleeping bag for the coldest nights.
11 838.00 kr

Helsport Trollheimen vinter lady

Winter sleeping bag made specifically for women.
4 729.00 kr

Helsport Trollheimen X-Trem Lady Sovepose

Warm fiber sleeping bag.
5 086.00 kr 4 132.00 kr

Nordisk Gormsson -10 Mummy

Warm fiber sleeping bag
2 860.00 kr 2 224.00 kr

Nordisk Gormsson -20 Mummy

Warm fiber sleeping bag.
3 337.00 kr 2 542.00 kr

Nordisk Oscar -10° Mummy

Super lightweight and warm fiber sleeping bag.
4 387.00 kr

Nordisk Oscar -20

Fiber sleeping bag for the extremely cold nights.
5 086.00 kr 4 132.00 kr

Yeti Passion Five Sleeping Bag

Yeti super light down sleeping bag
8 425.00 kr

Nordisk Puk - 10 Mummy

Fiber sleeping bag with all the good details.
1 986.00 kr 1 747.00 kr

Yeti Tension Comfort 800

Yeti down sleeping bag with extra space
4 768.00 kr 3 814.00 kr

Winter sleeping bags for outdoor and expeditions

Sleeping bags for the coldest months of the year
At andersenoutdoor.com, we sleep outside all year round, even when it's really cold.
Not every single night, but it's not the sub-zero temperatures that keep us indoors. If you have a good winter sleeping bag with down or synthetic filling that can keep you warm, even when it's cold, you can extend your outdoor season to the whole year! A winter night with stars above or maybe a snowflake on the tip of your nose, that's when happiness can be felt all the way to your big toe.

Find the right sleeping bag here.

Which winter sleeping bag should I choose?

If you now have a good 3-season sleeping bag that can (almost) keep you warm in the winter (Danish winter), then you don't need to invest in a completely new winter sleeping bag. You can settle for a good liner. It can add between 4 and 8 degrees to the comfort temperature and give you warm and comfortable nights without emptying your wallet completely.
If you want to be completely sure about staying warm, or if you're really going on a winter trip in -20 degrees, then buy a winter sleeping bag. Here, you need to clarify what kind of trip you're going on. If you're going on a hiking trip, weight and pack size matter a lot. However, if you're driving to the place you're going to camp, it matters less.

Down or synthetic filling

Winter sleeping bags with down filling take up significantly less space and weight compared to bags with synthetic filling. In fact, there can be a difference of up to 2 kg, which is a lot when you have to carry it on your back.
The packed size is significantly smaller with down-filled bags. There's also a significant difference in price. Bags with down filling are noticeably more expensive than those with synthetic filling. However, synthetic filling handles moisture better, while a down bag loses its insulation when it becomes wet (rarely a problem in freezing weather). So, there's no clear-cut answer, but many possibilities.

One thing is clear though. Buy a quality winter sleeping bag that suits your needs. Quality costs money, but you only cry once. There's only one thing worse than buying an overly expensive sleeping bag - and that's buying one that's too cheap. Especially when it comes to winter sleeping bags.
If you're unsure about which winter sleeping bag to choose, we're more than happy to help you with advice and guidance.

What does the comfort temperature of a sleeping bag mean?

The comfort temperature of a sleeping bag is a measurement you can use to get a better understanding of how warm a sleeping bag is. It's not an exact list of the temperatures in which your sleeping bag can keep you warm - but it's close. Use the comfort temperature to compare sleeping bags from different manufacturers, along with the other factors that may be important in choosing a sleeping bag. This can be pack volume and weight, in addition to the fact that it should be able to keep you warm.

What can I do to stay warm in a winter sleeping bag?

In addition to having a good and reliable winter sleeping bag that can do its job well, there are other factors you can consider if you want to stay warm on a winter night under the stars.
Make sure you're well-fed and well-hydrated - it helps your body generate more heat.
Make sure you have a sleeping pad that can withstand the cold temperatures you're sleeping in - they're measured by an underpad's R-value.
Make sure your body is active when you go to sleep, not in hibernation. If you sit by a fire in the last few hours before going to sleep, you're telling your body that it can go into hibernation and doesn't need to produce heat - the fire takes care of that. When you then get into your sleeping bag, your body's own heating system has settled down and can't produce enough heat for you to feel warm and comfortable.
Take a short walk or run before getting into your sleeping bag - that way, your body is creating heat, and you can easily warm up your sleeping bag.
Remember: It's not the sleeping bag that should keep you warm - it's you who should keep the sleeping bag warm.