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Winter down sleeping bags

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Carinthia D 600x M

High-quality sleeping bag
9 379.00 kr

Carinthia G 350 M

Very warm and durable fiber sleeping bag.
5 086.00 kr

Deuter Astro pro 800 Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag from Deuter
7 153.00 kr

Helsport Polheim Sovepose

Down sleeping bag for the coldest nights.
11 838.00 kr

Yeti Passion Five Sleeping Bag

Yeti super light down sleeping bag
8 425.00 kr

Yeti Tension Comfort 800

Yeti down sleeping bag with extra space
4 768.00 kr 3 814.00 kr

Yeti VIB 600 Down Sleeping Bag

Yeti winter down sleeping bag - lightweight
7 789.00 kr 5 563.00 kr

Yeti VIB 800 Down sleeping bag

Yeti lightweight down sleeping bag
9 220.00 kr 6 831.00 kr

Sea to Summit Journey Jo2-Womens Long Right zip

Lun dunsovepose med ekstra fyld og ekstra plads
6 199.00 kr 4 960.00 kr

Spark SpIV - Regular Left Zip

Sleeping bag with very low weight
9 061.00 kr 5 086.00 kr

Helsport Rago Winter Long

Warm and really nice down sleeping bag from Helsport - extra long
5 563.00 kr 4 450.00 kr

Helsport Svalbard X-Trem Long

Extra warm winter sleeping bag - here with extra length.
11 923.00 kr 9 858.00 kr

Sea to Summit Trek -9C - Regular

Down sleeping bag in a nice warm version - high quality in the down - slightly wider fit
5 881.00 kr 4 768.00 kr

Sea to Summit Trek -9C - L

Long version of the cozy Trek sleeping bag - slightly wider fit
6 358.00 kr 5 404.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ascent -9C - Regular

Lun dunsovepose med dobbelt lynlås og ekstra bredde overalt.
7 392.00 kr 6 120.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ascent -9C - Long

Sea to Summit Ascent -9C/15F Down Sleeping Bag - L
7 789.00 kr 6 199.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ascent Women's -9C - Regular

Lun dunsovepose med god bredde
7 551.00 kr 6 358.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ascent Women's -9C - Long

Long version of the warm sleeping bag from Sea to Summit - double zipper
7 948.00 kr 6 358.00 kr

Sea to Summit Spark -9C Regular

Bluesign Certified sleeping bag with high quality down and a low total weight.
8 107.00 kr

Sea to Summit Spark -9C Long

The long version of Sea to Summit's lightweight sleeping bag
8 505.00 kr

Sea to Summit Spark -18C Regular

Bluesign certified down sleeping bag with really good warmth and low weight
10 333.00 kr

Winter sleeping bag - lightweight and plenty of warmth
The lightest bags for winter use - perfect for expeditions
A down sleeping bag for winter is one of the best equipment investments. Especially if you want to experience winter in ways other than through frozen windows and going in and out of the car.

Indeed, it is a great experience to lie in your tent or in a shelter and look out at the falling snow and the forest's small animals, enjoying themselves in the piles of snow. However, it is easy to overlook the experience if you are lying there freezing. Or if you have exhausted yourself because the old fiber bag had to have one last trip out.

Find the right sleeping bag here.

How do I choose the right down sleeping bag for winter?

If you have decided to replace your old winter bag with a new one, you will discover that the selection is enormous. It can be incredibly difficult to figure out where to start.
A down sleeping bag provides the lightest bag, the bag that can be packed together to take up the least amount of space, and by far the most breathable bag. The latter means that you can also use a down sleeping bag over a wider temperature range - that is, when it is warmer. It is worth considering.

Pay close attention to the down quality and ask about it if you are in doubt. It is the factor more than anything else that determines how warm it is in relation to its weight.

How is fill power measured - fill volume?

The quality of the down feathers in a sleeping bag, or a down jacket for that matter, is measured in fill power. It is an expression of how much loft the feathers have, that is, their ability to spread their wings and trap a lot of stagnant air. A good quality bag should have a fill power of at least 600, and preferably more.

Practically, the down feathers are placed in a glass cylinder, and a plug is placed on top that can compress the feathers. The more the plug compresses the feathers, the lower the quality. The better the quality of the feathers, the more the plug stays up.

A good winter down sleeping bag also has a sturdy fabric and preferably a wind membrane. This provides extra warmth, as even the slightest wind cannot penetrate and the warm interior is maintained.