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Toiletries & Washbags

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Lifeventure Small Toiletry Bag

Small but very practical toiletry bag
364.00 kr 291.00 kr

Lifeventure Toilet Bag

Small, practical toiletry bag
316.00 kr 253.00 kr

Lifeventure Wash Toiletry Bag - Gray

Toiletry bag with many pockets
475.00 kr 380.00 kr

Nordisk Kalix 7 Liter

Nordisk Company toiletry bag
507.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Hanging Toiletry Bag Large

The large popular toilet bag
507.00 kr

Tatonka Care Barrel

3 liters toiletry bag
348.00 kr

Tatonka One Day Toiletry Bag

Smaller toiletry bag
173.00 kr

Tatonka One Week Toiletry Bag

Bigger travel toiletry bag
396.00 kr

Tatonka Small Travelcare

Foldable toiletry bag
348.00 kr

Tatonka Toiletry Bag for the Flight

Toiletry bag for the plane from Tatonka
62.00 kr

Tatonka Travelcare

Light and spacious toiletry bag
380.00 kr

Tatonka Wash Case

Toiletry bag for larger travels
475.00 kr

Tatonka Zip Flight Bag A5

Transparent bags for air travel
111.00 kr

Vaude Bobby Toilet Bag

With hooks for hanging up
205.00 kr

Wash Bag I

Deuter lightweight toiletry bag
316.00 kr

Wash Bag II

Deuter larger lightweight toiletry bag
475.00 kr

Lifeventure Wash Bag - Large

Toiletry bag with plenty of space
475.00 kr 380.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Hanging Toiletry Bag Small

Toiletry bag with shatterproof mirror - can be hung
475.00 kr

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Shopping Bag

Super lightweight and very strong shopping bag
396.00 kr 316.00 kr

Tatonka Sqzy zip bag set

Opdel dit rejsegods
793.00 kr

Travel toilet bags for outdoor and vacations
Toilet bags that are light and functional
For travel, for trekking trips or just canoeing. Delicious toilet bags for you from the good manufacturers.
Travel toilet bags are optimized to be easy to carry on the journey, whether it is on outdoor trips or more traditional vacations. Most of them are made of materials that can withstand a little more wear and are more functionally designed than traditional toilet bags.

What is the difference between a travel toilet bag and a traditional toilet bag?

A travel toilet bag is often built so that you can hang it up in a hook and have a good overview of the entire contents at once. They can often be unfolded with 2 or 3 layers, each with a number of pockets. In this way, you can organize the contents well and where you have wet things (e.g. your toothbrush), the pocket can breathe so that there are no odor problems from enclosed moisture.

In addition, a travel toilet bag often has a shatterproof mirror as part of the content, so you can pack it in a suitcase or backpack without being afraid of the mirror breaking.

Weight is another important part of having a functional bag for your toiletries. It is natural whether you are traveling with a backpack or a suitcase, as there may be requirements for having a low weight. The backpack traveler naturally wants to carry as little as possible, as it is in the spirit of outdoor. The traveler with a suitcase is often met with a weight requirement when traveling by plane around the world.