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Accessories for sleeping bags

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Carinthia Combat

Combat bivy bag
8 584.00 kr

Carinthia Compression Bag Olive Large

Compression bag for large sleeping bags
475.00 kr

Carinthia Compressionbag Black L

Compression bag for large sleeping bags
316.00 kr

Carinthia compression bag Black S

Small bag for the sleeping bag
316.00 kr

Carinthia Medium Compression Bag

Compression bag for single-season sleeping bags
396.00 kr

Cuddlebug Butterfly

316.00 kr

Cuddlebug Caterpillar

Sweet and comfortable neck support
316.00 kr

Cuddlebug Cow

Possibly the cutest pillow in the municipality
316.00 kr

Cuddlebug Panda

Panda cushion for children
316.00 kr

Cuddlebug Pillow

Good for relaxation and travel
237.00 kr

Friliv Care Wash of down sleeping bag

Professional washing and drying of your down sleeping bag
475.00 kr

Helsport Komp.trek Kompression pose

Sleeping bag cover
444.00 kr

Lifeventure Inflatable Pillow

Portable coffee maker that doesn't take up much space in your bag
285.00 kr 228.00 kr

Myggenet til soveposer

Helsport mosquito net for sleeping bags.
475.00 kr 396.00 kr

Nordisk Aften pude

Nordisk lightweight inflatable pillow.
364.00 kr 301.00 kr

Yeti Cosy Feet

Warmth for your feet
841.00 kr 666.00 kr

Nordic Cozy Legs

Warm short down sleeping bag
1 191.00 kr 952.00 kr

Nordisk Cotton Storage Pouch

Nordic storage bag for sleeping bag.
269.00 kr

Nordisk Dag Hovedpude

Nordisk inflatable pillow with extra length.
507.00 kr 189.00 kr

Yeti Kiby Packable Down Travel Blanket

Packable travel pillow with down filling
3 337.00 kr 2 542.00 kr

Nordisk Morgen Hovedpude

Nordic inflatable head pillow.
380.00 kr

Nordisk Nat Hovedpude

Nordisk inflatable pillow
364.00 kr 301.00 kr

North pole elastic for sleeping pad

Extra Elastic
10.00 kr

Petromax Wool Blanket 150 x 200 cm

Sparkling wool blanket for the cold nights
2 542.00 kr 2 034.00 kr