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Storm lighter

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Easy Light Tinder - 10 Pack

Ignition rolls
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

FireSteel Scout 2.0

Light my fire sparking steel
189.00 kr

Hultafors Fire Steel FS

Fire steel
189.00 kr 142.00 kr

LifeSystems Storm Matches

With storm matches, wind will not be a problem.
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

Petromax Lighting Kit

Quick lighting of the fire
30.00 kr 24.00 kr

Primus Power Lighter III

Efficient storm lighter - winner of test.
364.00 kr 253.00 kr

Stormlighters and fire starters from Primus and Light My Fire
Light a fire - even when it's raining and windy
Being on the safe side with fire starting can be vital in the right places. Stormlighters give you peace of mind.
Stormlighters are some of the most used outdoor equipment without really thinking about it. When was the last time you went hiking in the forest without lighting a fire, trangia, or making fire in another way?

It's actually for most people the essence of a good trip in the forest, at least if it involves overnight stays.
Sure - you can go a long way with a good thermos, freeze-dried food, and instant coffee - but a big part of the coziness comes from the fire or being able to hear the gentle sizzling from the trangia.

A good stormlighter from Primus

Primus probably delivers the most popular stormlighter on the market and it works!
The flame in it can reach up to 1300 degrees Celsius, delivered from a small gas container underneath and served through an ultra-thin valve.

One of the most impressive things about the stormlighter is that even if you've had the 1300-degree hot flame going for a while, you can immediately put it in your pocket afterwards or hold it in your bare hand without burning yourself.
It's quite impressive and well done by the designers from Primus.