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Didriksons Arina Girls Parka

Lovely warm winter jacket.
1 906.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Bjärven Kids Coverall

New technical overall from Didriksons.
2 065.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Bjärven Kids parka

Children's parka for skiing and winter play.
1 747.00 kr 793.00 kr

Didriksons Bjärven Kids Parka - Special Editon

Children's parka with sustainable details.
2 065.00 kr

Didriksons Bear 2022 Multicolor

Nice and practical flight suit
1 747.00 kr 952.00 kr

Didriksons Björnen Coverall Multicolor

Functional snowsuit with practical details.
2 224.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Björnen Flyverdragt Str 80

Bestseller year after year - version 5.
1 747.00 kr 793.00 kr

Didriksons Björnen Kids Coverall Print

Snowsuit for playing in the snow.
2 224.00 kr

Didriksons Block Kids Jacket 2

Grows with the child.
952.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Bongo Kids Parka

Varm og vandtæt vinterjakke til børn
1 429.00 kr 714.00 kr

Didriksons Briska Softshell Jacket - Kids

Soft and comfortable jacket.
793.00 kr

Didriksons Dellen Kids Jacket 4

The ideal all-around jacket.
714.00 kr 475.00 kr

Didriksons Edla Girls Jacket

Cozy pile fleece for cold days.
1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Idre Kids Pant 6

1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Jerke Boys Parka

Wind and waterproof parka.
2 065.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Didriksons Joey Boys Jacket

Windproof fiber jacket with recycled fiber.
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

Didriksons Lizzo Kids Parka

Waterproof, warm and stretchy!
1 747.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Luke Boys Jacket 2

Cozy and waterproof boys' jacket.
1 588.00 kr 793.00 kr

Didriksons Luke Boys Jacket 3

Waterproof junior jacket with fiber filling.
1 747.00 kr 952.00 kr

Didriksons Machi Kids Parka

Cozy and stylish parka for children.
1 588.00 kr

Didriksons Phoebe Girls Long Coat

Cozy and stylish coat for junior girls.
1 588.00 kr

Didriksons Puff Kids Jacket 2

Padded winter jacket for children.
793.00 kr 396.00 kr

Didriksons Rio Kids Jacket

Waterproof and windproof winter jacket.
1 111.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Rocket Kids Coverall

3 178.00 kr

Flyverdragter on sale and ski jackets for children

Winter clothing for children from the best brands
Flyverdragter, ski clothing, and down jackets from the best children's clothing manufacturers delivered right to your home. Good prices, good conditions, and advice just a click away or a phone call away.
Flyverdragter on sale and ski clothing for children who are always outside - something we can always handle!
There are plenty of flyverdragter and ski jackets, ski pants, and other good things for children when it gets cold. At andersenoutdoor.com, we only have clothing for children from the best brands and we are always competitive on price.

What characterizes a quality flyverdragt?

A really good winter suit is characterized by few but well-thought-out details in the design.
Firstly, it is light - and yet warm. When it can be easily achieved, it is because there is a difference between good and bad materials to make the clothing from. If it is made of good materials, the weight goes down while the durability and warmth go up. Good for the child, good for the parents' wallet, and good for the environment.

In addition, a quality flyverdragt has pre-shaped knees and sleeves so the child can run and play properly. And it has a high water column pressure. Especially in Denmark with lots of rain and slush in winter, it is important.

How do I maintain a flyverdragt?

In most cases, a flyverdragt is made of fibers and can therefore easily be washed and dried on both the clothesline and in the dryer. Always wash your technical clothing - and winter clothing always is - in detergent that is suitable for the task. Grangers, for example, has a detergent that does not contain enzymes, and that is the right one to use.

Enzymes are good at removing red wine stains and other dirt, but they also damage the DWR treatment that your flyverdragt has as a finish. It's simply too harsh for it.
So wash with an approved detergent - and if you're in doubt, please feel free to call or write to us.
A good tip: Wash it as little as possible.

How do I buy a flyverdragt online?

Flyverdragt on sale - we all like that. But how do I make sure that the size fits if I'm going to buy a new brand from before?
There are size guides available for many brands - but a personal contact is always very good. Please feel free to call or write to us, and we will help you find the right size.