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Outdoor pants

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CMP Man Long Pant

Light and functional
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

Haglöfs Mid Slim Pant Men

Close-fitting hiking and outdoor trousers that can handle the elements.
1 906.00 kr

Haglöfs Rugged Slim Pant Men

Durable pants that fit closer.
2 224.00 kr

Helly Hansen Veir Tur Pant

Stretchable and durable outdoor pants
2 383.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

Lundhags Askro Pro Ms Pant

Serious hiking pants
3 337.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Lundhags Authentic II Ms Pant

2 701.00 kr 1 827.00 kr

Lundhags Makke Pant

Letvægts trekkingbukser
3 178.00 kr 2 383.00 kr

Lundhags Ocke Ms Pant

Durable and waterproof work pants
6 199.00 kr 4 132.00 kr

Montane Alpine Mission Pant - Regular Leg

Warm outdoor pants for the cold terrain
2 224.00 kr

Montane Mode Mission Pant

Technical, slim-fitting thermal trekking tight
2 065.00 kr

Montane Super Terra Pants

Hardwearing trekking pants - Regular leg length
2 383.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

Montane Terra Pants

Montane trekking trousers
1 429.00 kr 1 223.00 kr

Carinthia ECIG 4.0 Trousers

Outdoor pants for extreme cold temperatures.
6 199.00 kr 4 609.00 kr

Carinthia G-LOFT Loden Trousers

Pants with wool
5 086.00 kr

Carinthia HIG 4.0 Trousers

Pants with a lot of insulation and Gore Windstopper.
5 722.00 kr

Carinthia MIG 4.0 Trousers

Lined trousers
5 722.00 kr

Carinthia TRG Trousers

Waterproof pants for outdoor activities
6 199.00 kr

CMP Zip Off Pant Men

Summer pants with stretch
1 191.00 kr 555.00 kr

Fusion Hot Recharge Pant Men

Comfortable and stylish retreat pants
1 588.00 kr

Haglöfs Gondol Insulated Pant Men

Ski pants.
2 701.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Haglöfs L.I.M Fuse Pant OUTLET

Casual hiking trousers with elastic cuffs at the bottom.
1 350.00 kr 714.00 kr

Haglöfs Lite Standard Pant Men

Lightweight hiking pants.
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

Haglöfs Lite Standard Zip-Off Pant Men

Lightweight and breathable zip-off trousers.
1 588.00 kr 1 191.00 kr

Haglöfs Mid Forest Pant

Back to basic comfortable pants
1 111.00 kr 475.00 kr

Andersenoutdoor is your ultimate source for high-quality outdoor pants for men. Our range of hiking and trekking pants are created for adventures and travels, and you can always be sure to find the newest and best models, which we naturally have tested ourselves.

Considerations when buying outdoor pants for men

When choosing new trekking pants, there are several important factors to consider. First and foremost, it is crucial that the pants have a fit that follows your movements – most outdoor pants have belt loops at the waist, which allows you to adjust the fit with a belt along the way. In addition to the fit, the material of the pants plays a central role, so make sure to choose pants made of technical materials that offer breathability and quick drying for optimal comfort, and also consider the durability of the pants, as outdoor life can be tough on both clothes and gear. Furthermore, we advise you to consider how many practical pockets you need in a pair of pants – pockets are an invaluable feature as they provide easy access to your necessities when you are out in the open. Finally, you can consider the length of the pants. Do you want long pants, or do you prefer zip-off pants that can be converted into shorts on hot days or during rapid temperature changes? All these factors play a role when choosing the perfect trekking pants for your adventure.

To find out more about each pair of pants, you can click on the individual product and see their specifications. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Andersenoutdoor – you can also visit our physical store in Støvring, where you have the opportunity to see and try on the pants before making a final decision on which pair best suits your needs. We are ready to help you find the perfect trekking pants for your outdoor adventures.

Hiking pants or trekking pants?

There is sometimes confusion about the terms trekking pants and hiking pants, but in reality, both terms refer to the same type of pants. Whether you call them hiking pants or trekking pants, they are a pair of pants specifically designed for trekking and hiking in nature. These pants are known for their durability and comfort, making them ideal for outdoor activities where breathability and freedom of movement are essential.

Hiking pants or trekking pants are not limited to hiking. They are also perfect for a wide range of other outdoor activities. Whether you are on a long hike, climbing in the mountains, camping, fishing, or participating in other outdoor activities, these pants are a reliable companion. They are often equipped with practical features like pockets for storing necessities, and some models even have a zip-off function that allows you to convert them into shorts when the weather gets hot or during rapid temperature changes.

Whatever you call them, hiking pants or trekking pants are an important part of any outdoor gear. They allow you to explore nature in a comfortable way, no matter what activity you engage in.

We carry outdoor pants with stretch

Outdoor pants with stretch are an essential garment for any outdoor enthusiast. The stretch material provides an exceptional degree of freedom of movement, making them ideal for outdoor activities where comfort and flexibility are crucial. Most outdoor pants contain some form of stretch, typically achieved by combining materials like cotton and polyester. This creates a durable and stretchable trouser that can withstand the demands of active outdoor life.

Just like with regular men's pants, the amount of stretch can vary in different models of outdoor pants. This allows you to find the perfect pair that suits your preferences and activities. Many outdoor enthusiasts appreciate the extra freedom of movement provided by the stretch, as it makes hiking, climbing, and performing other physical activities easier without feeling limited by their clothing. However, it is worth noting that some prefer a stiffer trouser without as much stretch. This largely depends on individual preferences and activity level. But one thing is for sure: Whether you prefer more or less stretch, you can find the right pair of outdoor pants with the desired freedom of movement here at Andersenoutdoor. Our range includes various models and brands, so you can find the pants that best suit your needs and preferences.

Find your future outdoor pants for men at Andersenoutdoor

Whether you are an experienced mountain hiker or a beginner when it comes to outdoor activities, we have the right pants for you. We understand the importance of having comfortable and functional pants that can handle any challenge nature may present. Our range includes high-quality pants that combine style and performance.

Browse our range here on the website and find the perfect outdoor pants for your next trip in the great outdoors. If you need help or advice in choosing the right pants, we are always ready to assist. You can contact us by phone at 60 75 06 00 or send us an email at andersenoutdoordk@andersenoutdoor.com.

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