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CRUX gas burner

Optimus compact lightweight stove
952.00 kr

Crux Lite Gas Stove

Optimus ultra lightweight gas burner
714.00 kr

Jetboil Flash 2.0

Jetboil single gas stove 1.0 liter
2 224.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Jetboil Micromo burner

Gas burner with 0.8 liter pot
2 781.00 kr 2 224.00 kr

Jetboil MightyMo burner

Simple and efficient burner
1 143.00 kr 905.00 kr

Jetboil Minimo

Jetboil superkoger - also for food.
2 940.00 kr 2 352.00 kr

Jetboil Stash

Compact and lighter burner
2 542.00 kr

Jetboil Zip

0.8 liters cup with heat distributor and neoprene cover
1 747.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

MSR Pocket Rocket 2

714.00 kr 603.00 kr

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Deluxe Stove Kit

Premium lightweight cooking set for 1-2 persons
1 906.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Kit

Ultralight cooking kit for the solo hiker
1 588.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

MSR Pocket Rocket DLX

The luxury edition of a mini distillery
1 350.00 kr 952.00 kr

MSR Windburner 1 Liter

Effective kettle for 1 person
2 701.00 kr 1 906.00 kr

MSR Windburner Duo Systems

Wind-stable burner for 2 people
2 304.00 kr 1 906.00 kr

MSR Windburner Personal Pot

1 153.00 kr

Outwell Annatto Gas Stove

Double burner for gas
1 747.00 kr 1 350.00 kr

Outwell Appetizer 1-Burner Stove

Gas burner with 1 burner
491.00 kr 396.00 kr

Outwell Appetizer 2-burner

Light and handy burner with 2 burners
714.00 kr 555.00 kr

Outwell Olida Stove

Robust and handy gas stove with 2 burners
1 239.00 kr 1 032.00 kr

Primus Essential Stove Set 1,3 Liter

Camp kitchen with gas burner from Primus
1 747.00 kr 1 429.00 kr

Primus Essential Stove Set 2,3 liter

Camping stove with gas burner from Primus
1 986.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Primus Eta Spider

Multibrænder kit translates to Multi-burner kit in English.
875.00 kr

Primus Gravity III

Gas burners for year-round use
1 350.00 kr 1 000.00 kr

Primus Lite Plus Gasbrænder

Primus compact gas burner
1 986.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Gas burners for camping stoves
Efficient burners in versatile program
Camping stoves with gas burners are some of the most efficient tools we have for cooking on outdoor trips - big or small. Previously, many used alcohol as fuel, but today there are more efficient and cleaner methods that also require less weight in the backpack.

Is camping stove equal to Trangia - or what?

Many would argue that the camping stove with gas burner is equal to Trangia and looking at the sales figures, they are absolutely right. There are still a lot of Trangia kitchens being sold in Denmark. Despite being relatively heavy, the gas burner not being the most efficient, and not having evolved in the last 50 years.

So, what is it that this Trangia can do?

Many choose it probably because it is the one we know and the one we used on trips with my parents back in the day. You know the smell of the alcohol that signifies that the evening meal is being prepared, or you know the sizzling sound from the gas burner heating up the pasta in the pot.

Others choose the camping stove because it is robust and reliable, and that is as true as it is said. It can get dented and scratched - sure, but that doesn't prevent it from heating the food or water for coffee. It is indeed very reliable.

The alternatives that are gaining popularity in recent years come from brands like Primus, Jetboil, and MSR.
They are efficient burners that are largely made for heating water, but now also in their developments can be used to cook the food directly in the pot. Boiling water is often enough if you bring freeze-dried food. But sometimes it's nice to be able to prepare your own food in the woods.

Camping stoves with gas burners are here to stay and we can assist you well with advice and guidance if you wish.