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Duffel bags, Trolleys & PC bags

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Haglöfs Lava 30 Duffelbag

Haglöfs durable duffel bag
1 270.00 kr 873.00 kr

Haglöfs Lava 70 Duffelbag

70-liter bag
1 429.00 kr 1 032.00 kr

Lifeventure Expedition Duffel 100 L

Durable duffel with plenty of space.
873.00 kr 698.00 kr

Lifeventure Packable Duffle - 70L

714.00 kr 571.00 kr

Lundhags Laptop Case 15 tommer

Solid protection - elegantly executed
873.00 kr

Nordisk Kongsberg Classic Duffle 65

Nordisk classic drybag
1 080.00 kr

Nordisk Skara 70 L

Large and spacious duffel bag.
1 747.00 kr 1 270.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel Roller M

travel bag with wheels
2 383.00 kr

Tatonka 3-in-1 Bag

3-in-1 bag from Tatonka - Perfect for the flight
1 191.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel L Duffelbag

Durable duffel bag from Tatonka
2 224.00 kr 1 747.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel Roller L

Barrel Roller L Fra Tatonka
2 860.00 kr 2 224.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel Small Duffelbag

Tatonka sports bag with backpack straps.
1 747.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel XL Duffelbag

Duffel bag in durable material from Tatonka.
2 542.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel XS

Tatonka sports bag of exceptionally high quality.
1 350.00 kr

Tatonka Computer Bag

Computer bag from Tatonka
1 350.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Tatonka Duffle Bag 45

Foldable travel bag
1 588.00 kr

Tatonka Flight Roller Travel Bag

Travel bag of 135 liters from Tatonka.
3 178.00 kr

Tatonka Gear Bag 100 Bag

Spacious bag from Tatonka
914.00 kr

Tatonka Mesh Bag Set

Organize the contents of your backpack or suitcase
507.00 kr

Tatonka City pack 22

Stilfuld laptoprygsæk fra Tatonka.
1 350.00 kr

Tatonka Barrel xxl

Stor rejsetaske 130L
2 781.00 kr

Tatonka Duffle roller 105

Rullekuffert med genial god åbning og stor volume
2 781.00 kr

Tatonka Duffle bag 65

65 liters rejsetaske med god indgang
1 747.00 kr

Tatonka Duffle roller 140

Den helt store rullekuffert til de længere rejser
2 940.00 kr

When choosing a new travel bag, most people start with the size. It's a really good place to start. At andersenoutdoor.com, you can always see the size measured in liters.
But there are many other parameters to choose from, so that the luggage for the journey does not become a pain, but a part of a well-executed journey.

A duffel bag is primarily an extremely durable sports bag. Not so many frills. Lots of room content in one large compartment, maybe with backpack straps, maybe with one or two mesh pockets for smaller items. Maybe also with wheels underneath and telescopic handle, but for the most part - one large compartment.

If your wish is for a more secure version of a travel bag, you can find on the market - and also here at andersenoutdoor.com - travel bags with a slash-proof front, double security in carabiners and with straps that cannot be cut. Quite secure and nice in design.

If you are in doubt about anything we have written or if you just need some good advice on choosing a travel bag? Feel free to contact us by email or phone - we are here for you.