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Water treatment

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Camelbak LifeStraw Replacement Bottle Filter Set,

Water treatment for drinking bottles
431.00 kr 345.00 kr

Camelbak LifeStraw Reservoir Gravity Kit

For water purification
188.00 kr 150.00 kr

Katadyn BeFree filter 0.6L

Fiber filter with bottle
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Katadyn BeFree filter 1,0L

Drinking bottle with purification filter - Available from mid-September '20
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Katadyn Befree Gravity 3 L.

1 270.00 kr 1 016.00 kr

Katadyn BeFree Replacement element

Replaceable filter
571.00 kr 457.00 kr

Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter

Water filter Pro
1 398.00 kr 1 118.00 kr

Katadyn Pocket water filter

Water purification at its finest
5 325.00 kr 4 260.00 kr

Katadyn Replacement Cartridge t_Vario

New filter for Katadyn Vario.
984.00 kr 787.00 kr

Katadyn Vario Filter

Water purification with 3 filters - high capacity
1 827.00 kr 1 462.00 kr

LifeStraw Flex Replacement Carbon Filter

Fits Lifestraw Flex
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

LifeStraw Go 1 Stage Replacement Filter.

New filter for water purification
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Lifestraw Go 1L

The perfect water bottle for water purification
714.00 kr 571.00 kr

LifeStraw Go 2 Stage Replacement membrane

Compatible with all Lifestraw Go and Universal
316.00 kr 253.00 kr

LifeStraw Peak Personal Water Filter Straw

Sugar with microfilter
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

LifeStraw Reservoir Filter Kit for Camelbak

Water treatment filter for camelbak
507.00 kr 406.00 kr

Micropur Antichlorine MA 100F

Katadyn neutralizer for drinking water.
173.00 kr 139.00 kr

Micropur Classic MC 1T

Katadyn water purifying tablet
348.00 kr 279.00 kr

Micropur Forte MF 1T

Katadyn disinfecting water tablet
348.00 kr 279.00 kr

Replacement Ceramic filter for Vario.

Katadyn ceramic filter
507.00 kr 406.00 kr

Replacement Cartridge for Pocket

Katadyn insert for water purification filter
3 608.00 kr 2 886.00 kr

Replacement Cartridge T_Hiker Pro

Filter effort
841.00 kr 673.00 kr

Salomon Soft Flask Xa Filter 490 ml

Soft bottle with bacterial filter
793.00 kr

Camelbak eddy+ 20oz, filtered by LifeStraw

Camelbak eddy+ 20oz med LifeStraw Vandrensningsfilter – Drik Friskt Vand Hvor Som Helst
714.00 kr 571.00 kr

Water Purification for Adventurers and Emergency Preparedness

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast seeking clean water on hikes and camping trips, or a prepper preparing for any situation, we have the right solutions for you. Our range of water purification technologies is carefully selected to ensure clean and safe drinking water in all conditions.

Our products range from compact, portable water filters, ideal for quick and efficient purification on the go, to more robust systems designed for long-term use in demanding environments. For outdoor enthusiasts, these systems are an essential part of the gear, ensuring hydration without worrying about water quality. For preppers, our range offers extra security so you always have access to clean water in emergencies.

At Andersenoutdoor, we understand the importance of reliable water purification, and we are ready to help you choose the perfect system for your needs. Explore our range and find the perfect solution for your adventures or preparations. Remember, clean water is essential - both in nature and in emergencies.