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Drinking system for bags

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Camelbak Big Bite Valve 4 Color Pack

Spare part for Camelbak hydration systems
228.00 kr 183.00 kr

Camelbak Big Bite Valve Cover

To all Hydrolink ™ and Ergo Hydrolock ™.
80.00 kr 64.00 kr

Camelbak Crux Insulated Tube

Isolated hose for Camelbak hydration system
348.00 kr 279.00 kr

Camelbak Crux Lumbar 3 Liter Væskeblære

Liquid bladder for 3 liters of water.
714.00 kr 571.00 kr

Camelbak Crux Replacement Tube

Spare part - hose
282.00 kr 226.00 kr

Camelbak Crux Thermal Control Kit

Thermal hoses for Camelbak systems
337.00 kr 269.00 kr

Camelbak Reserveslange til drikkesystem

107.00 kr 85.00 kr

Camelbak Reservoir Dryer

Hanger for liquid bladders
189.00 kr 151.00 kr

CB Brush Set

Camelbak brush for cleaning.
173.00 kr 139.00 kr

Deuter Helix Valve Spare Part

Drink valve that is drip-free
237.00 kr

Streamer Tube Brush

Deuter cleaning brush for hoses
237.00 kr

Streamer Tube Insulator

Deuter insulation hose for liquid bladders
316.00 kr

Salomon Soft Flask 500 ml

Foldable and practical bottle from Salomon
269.00 kr 189.00 kr

Soft reservoir 1,5 liter

Praktisk drikkesystem fra Salomon
555.00 kr 396.00 kr

Salomon Væskeblære 2 liter

Praktisk drikkesystem fra Salomon
555.00 kr 428.00 kr

Camelbak Ergo Hydorlock

93.00 kr 75.00 kr

Montane Softflask Long Straw

Long straws for the soft bottles
237.00 kr