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Accessories for first aid

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Carex IcePack

24.00 kr

Carex X Pro Sportstape 3.75cm

Sports tape with good support
46.00 kr

Coghlans Foot Care Kit

First aid for the feet
94.00 kr 75.00 kr

Compeed Blister Mix

5 different adhesive plasters for hikers
111.00 kr

Compeed Blister Plaster S_6 pcs

Vableplaster til vandrere
95.00 kr

Emergency Survival Poncho

Emergency poncho
142.00 kr 113.00 kr

Lifesystems Compact Tick Tweezers

Small tweezers for ticks
48.00 kr 38.00 kr

LifeSystems Ekko Flute

108 dB sound can be heard very far away!
48.00 kr 38.00 kr

Lifesystems Heatshield Bag

Wind and waterproof
221.00 kr 177.00 kr

LifeSystems Hurricane Whistle

The flute that can be heard in all weather conditions
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

LifeSystems Safety Whistle

safety whistle
80.00 kr 64.00 kr

LifeSystems Survival Bag

Pose for emergencies
127.00 kr 102.00 kr

LifeSystems Fog Cutter

Remove fog and other insects easily and efficiently
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

LifeSystems Tægefjerner

Card for removal of fog
110.00 kr 88.00 kr

LifeSystems Thermal Bag

Tapestry for survival
207.00 kr 165.00 kr

LifeSystems Thermal Blanket

Overwhelm that hopefully only stays in the bag
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

TravelSafe Survival Blanket

If the accident happens, the carpet is included in the luggage!
62.00 kr

TravelSafe Tick Picker

Get rid of ticks and fleas easily and safely
110.00 kr

COMPEED Blister Plaster 5 pcs (pack of 12)

5 pcs. blister plaster for the outside of the foot.
103.00 kr