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Accessories for camping stoves

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Nordisk Torden Ashtrey

Ashtray for wood stove.
396.00 kr 316.00 kr

Nordisk Torden Gloves

Leather gloves for the wood stove
428.00 kr

Winnerwell M-sized Water Tank

Wood stove water tank
873.00 kr

Winnerwell Blanket

80 x 98 cm - protection for your tent
952.00 kr

Winnerwell Brandtæppe

For use in the tent regardless of brand of stove
475.00 kr

Tentipi Eldfell Insulation Pipe

Extra insulation pipe for Eldfell
2 065.00 kr

Robens Chimney Section

Extra pipe for your chimney
301.00 kr

Nordisk Torden Wooden Box

Protection for your wood stove
2 972.00 kr

Tentipi Eldfell tent stove extra pipe

Tentipi extra pipe for chimney
555.00 kr

Tentipi Eldfell Tree Box

Wooden crate for Eldfell tent stove
1 270.00 kr

Nordisk Torden Exit Pipe Set

Exhaust pipe for the chimney.
364.00 kr

Nordisk Torden Chimney Exit

Smart outlet for stove that fits Nordisk tents
1 588.00 kr

Petromax tipi sleeve for Loki

Conduit for oven
1 429.00 kr 1 144.00 kr

Petromax Flues for Loki (spare part)

Spare part for the Loki wood stove
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

Nordisk Torden Chimney Set

Chimney for the wood stove
5 086.00 kr 3 655.00 kr

Petromax Oven Brackets for Firebox fb1 fb2

Support for oven
316.00 kr 253.00 kr

Winnerwell Pipe 2.5 inches

Longer delivery time - contact us for more specific delivery time
157.00 kr

Winnerwell L-sized Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestor for your wood stove
364.00 kr

Winnerwell Airflow Controller 2.5 inch

Control of air supply
348.00 kr

Winnerwell Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 2.5 inches

Protection pipe for the chimney
905.00 kr

Winnerwell M-sized Spark Arrestor

Spark arresters for M woodstoves
348.00 kr