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Coghlans silicone straws

Reusable straws
142.00 kr 113.00 kr

Coghlans Water Container 8 L.

Water container for 8 liters from Coghlans
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Foldable cup 2.5 dl

The original fold head
30.00 kr

Gerber Devour - Cook Eat Clean Spork

Sport in aluminum
285.00 kr 228.00 kr

Rubber holder for Mealkit

Light My Fire holds up to Mealkit
62.00 kr

Spice carousel 6-piece

Practical camping and hiking model
72.00 kr

Lifeventure Camping Skål

Skål lavet i lavet i rustfrit stål
95.00 kr 76.00 kr

Lifeventure Camping Plate

Plate made of stainless steel
111.00 kr 89.00 kr

Lifeventure Ellipse Bowl

Collapsible bowl
48.00 kr 38.00 kr

Lifeventure Ellipse Plate

Plate for your turn
78.00 kr 62.00 kr

Lifeventure Ellipse Plate

80.00 kr 64.00 kr

Lifeventure Silicone Ellipse FlexiBowl

Flexible bowl that can be folded together
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

Lifeventure Stainless Steel Camping Mug

Durable mug for outdoor activities.
110.00 kr 88.00 kr

Lifeventure Titanium Cup

Crucifix made of titanium
539.00 kr 431.00 kr

Lifeventure Titanium Plate

Strong as steel, but almost half the weight.
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit BIO

Spisesæt i genial indpakning - hele sættet i ét
507.00 kr

Light My Fire Pack-up-Cup

fold head
94.00 kr

LunchKit set

Light My Fire set
380.00 kr

Muurika Grill Fork, 33.5cm

Made of stainless steel with wooden handle
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Muurikka Fish Tweezer

Stainless steel fishbone tweezers
205.00 kr 164.00 kr

Muurikka Multi-Function Spatula

Spatula with wooden handle
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Muurikka Palette Knife 32 cm

Made of stainless steel with wooden handles
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

Muurikka Pizza Shovel

Great pizza peel in aluminum and wood
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Muurikka Spatula, Large 60cm

Long spatula for bonfire or grill
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Service for outdoor use

In many materials and many models. Click by and be inspired by service that can last for many years. Buy today.
Today there are many different types of service. There are super smart foldable sets with a little bit of everything. They take up almost no space, and they don't weigh much either. In return, they are very functional, often with several different compartments, which fit many purposes.
At the same time, there are also the more solid aluminum plates and bowls. They are more durable and easy to clean, but they take up a little more space.