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Camelbak 3 liters liquid bladder Crux

Liquid bladder for backpacks or Camelbaks
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Camelbak BFM 3.0L Mil Spec Crux Long

Mission task 50L
4 053.00 kr 3 243.00 kr

Camelbak Chase 8 Vest

Vest with 2L water reservoir
1 485.00 kr 1 188.00 kr

Camelbak Chase Bike Vest

Including bladder.
1 429.00 kr 1 144.00 kr

Camelbak Classic Light 2 liter

Backpack with hydration bladder
810.00 kr 648.00 kr

Camelbak Drikkesystem Octane 1,5 liter

Ultra Light Drinking System from Camelbak
952.00 kr 762.00 kr

Camelbak Fourteener 26

The perfect backpack for hikes
2 542.00 kr 2 034.00 kr

CamelBak Helena 20L

1 588.00 kr 1 271.00 kr

Camelbak Hydrobak Light 1,5 L

Hydration on the go
873.00 kr 698.00 kr

Camelbak Hydrobak Light 1,5 L Women

Hydration on the go
674.00 kr 540.00 kr

Camelbak M.U.L.E. Pro 14 100 oz

Bag with a 3-liter hydration bladder
1 891.00 kr 1 513.00 kr

Camelbak Motherlode 3.0L Mil Spec Crux Lumbar

Backpack with a 3-liter hydration bladder.
4 450.00 kr 3 560.00 kr

Camelbak Octane 10 2 L

Backpack including hydration bladder.
1 350.00 kr 1 080.00 kr

Camelbak Octane 18

Lightweight hiking backpack
1 620.00 kr 1 296.00 kr

Camelbak Octane 25

25 liters backpack
1 756.00 kr 1 404.00 kr

Camelbak Octane XCT 70 oz

Lightweight hydration bag
1 270.00 kr 1 016.00 kr

Camelbak Palisade 32, 3 LIter

Backpack with built-in hydration bladder
2 567.00 kr 2 053.00 kr

Camelbak Rogue Light 2 LIter

952.00 kr 762.00 kr

Camelbak Sparta 3L Mil Spec Crux

Military backpack
3 377.00 kr 2 702.00 kr

Camelbak StoAway 2 Liter

Isolated blister
742.00 kr 594.00 kr

Camelbak UnBottle 2L

Fluid-filled bladder in a small bag.
674.00 kr 540.00 kr

Camelbak UnBottle 3 liter Væskeblære

Fluid bladder with attachment points from Camelbak
873.00 kr 698.00 kr

Camelbak Liquid Reservoir 1.5 Liters

Liquid bladder for backpack from Camelbak
444.00 kr 355.00 kr

CamelbakStoAway 100 oz

3 liters bladder with insulated gear
952.00 kr 762.00 kr

Camelbak liquid bladders for outdoor and sport


For the backpack or the bike
In the old days, it was the canteen on the side that made it possible to drink water while running or walking. Today, there are unlimited possibilities.


Liquid bladders for plenty of needs.


Whether you row in your kayak, ride a mountain bike, or march with a backpack on, there is a liquid bladder for your needs. And woe to the backpack manufacturer that doesn't ensure the possibility of including a liquid bladder - it is simply ingenious to be able to drink through a tube from your liquid bladder without having to spend much energy or time finding a bottle.

Liquid bladders typically come in sizes ranging from one to three liters. Remember to choose a version that can be properly cleaned and where you have the option to choose a cleaning kit specifically designed for it.
It is difficult to say liquid bladder without saying Camelbak, and that is why we at andersenoutdoor.com have chosen to name the category Camelbags. There is something for every activity. You are always welcome to call or write for good advice on choosing a liquid bladder or Camelbag for your favorite sport.