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Didriksons Grit Regnsæt Mens

High water column pressure - high comfort.
2 224.00 kr 952.00 kr

Helly Hansen Dubliner Regnsæt - Herrer

Helly Hansen won waterproof and breathable rainwear.
2 860.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Helly Hansen Seven J Raincoat

Helly Hansen waterproof, windproof and breathable rain suit
2 701.00 kr 1 588.00 kr

Rain Poncho

Travelsafe disposable raincoat
30.00 kr

Rainwear for men, at a good price.
We have a lot of rain in Denmark - we help you stay dry all the time.
Complete set at good prices and in the right quality. Make a good deal today and get the set quickly delivered home from a dry postman. He actually bought yesterday.
Rainwear is simply necessary because we can't avoid the fact that it rains a lot in Denmark. In fact, there are an average of 179 rainy days per year, which on average delivers 765 mm. of rain! That's equivalent to 765 liters of water per square meter if it were evenly distributed across the country! That's actually a lot of water, but there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. If you need rain gear, why not kill two birds with one stone and buy a rain set?

With a rain set, you get both a pair of rain pants and a rain jacket in the same purchase. Despite the limited options, there are actually savings to be made.

What does water column pressure mean?

Water column pressure indicates the water resistance of the fabric and is measured in milliliters of water the fabric can withstand per square meter of fabric. The higher the water column pressure that the rainwear can withstand, the more waterproof it is. It actually has to be higher than 2,000 mm. before it can be called waterproof. But that doesn't mean that water can't penetrate it. It depends on how much it is raining. Therefore, you need to assess whether you need to go on long rainy walks or if you'll only use it in emergency situations.

The more waterproof it is, the less breathable it is. Therefore, consider whether you need the rain set for a marathon or for a calm activity such as steering a ship in bad weather. Typically, on a hike with changing weather and moderate activity in the form of hiking with backpack, a set with a water column pressure of approximately 5,000 will be sufficient. There will typically also be good breathability. Of course, you can find rainwear or outdoor clothing in general, which has a high water column pressure and excellent breathability. However, in that case, you typically have to bring out the big wallet.

Choosing rainwear

When choosing rainwear, consider what your activity level is. Is it high or low, and do you expect very heavy rain or just a shower that might catch you by surprise? At the same time, there are also considerations of weight and pack size, which certainly are not insignificant if you need to bring the rain set on a hike.