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Silva ex Plus Skridtæller

Pedometer with multiple functions
377.00 kr 302.00 kr

How far have I walked, how many calories have I burned, and how do I compare the results with my friends?

A good pedometer, or as it is correctly called, a step counter, can provide you with many reliable data about your training. The best models can of course tell you how many steps you have taken and how long it took, but also how many calories you have burned, how long a distance you have covered, and not least, it can be uploaded to the internet and compared with your friends' achievements.
A pedometer is often attached to your belt, and some of them have a line so you can secure your pedometer from dropping. If it doesn't have a line, you should add one as a safety measure.
Do not hesitate to call or write to us if you need an answer about your pedometer. We are here for you.