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Coghlans Mosquito Coil Holder

Mosquito coil holder
110.00 kr 88.00 kr

Lifesystems Bite & Sting Relief - 20ml

Balm for mosquito bites
111.00 kr 89.00 kr

Mini Click, Bite Relief

191.00 kr 153.00 kr

Lifesystems Tick Remover Tool

48.00 kr 38.00 kr

Mini TravelDEET 40 percent 15ML (spray)

62.00 kr

TravelDEET 40 percent Spray

Mosquito spray with DEET
157.00 kr

TravelSafe Bite Relief Lotion

Relieves the itch after an insect bite
157.00 kr

TravelSafe Sting_Bite Relief Kit

first aid for stings and bites
285.00 kr

For use both before and after mosquito bites and against ticks. Call or write if you have any questions about the use.