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Main mosquito net

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Insect jacket

Travel safe protects against mosquitoes.
316.00 kr

LifeSystems Midge Mosquito Head Net

Mosquito nets protect your head from getting bitten by insects
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

Mosquito net head protection

Tatonka Mosquito Net for the Head
237.00 kr

Mosquito Net for Head and Pillow

Main mosquito net that also works for the main pillow
237.00 kr

TravelSafe Main Mosquito Net

Keep the mosquitoes away from the face
142.00 kr

TravelSafe Mosquito Sun Hat

detachable mosquito net
475.00 kr

TravelSafe Mosquito Net With Ring

Protects the head against mosquitoes and other smaller insects
126.00 kr

Sea To Summit Fine-meshed Head Net

Main mosquito net from Sea To Summit
205.00 kr

Mosquito net for the head, with or without a hat

Small bug conqueror - a mosquito net that covers the face for a successful journey. Give yourself the best options.
A mosquito net for the head can be one of the best investments for a good vacation, especially if traveling to a country with many mosquitoes.

And the investment is often overlooked financially. It is more a matter of choosing the right model for your needs and choosing between the different models available.

How tight should the mesh be in my head mosquito net?

A mosquito net for the head has different mesh densities, often measured by the number of holes per square inch, as it is often measured in this American measure.
The more holes, the tighter it is and the smaller insects it can keep out.

If you have tried being in the Norwegian mountains to enjoy the unique delicious nature and encountered the small gnats or midges, you will never go there again without a mosquito net to keep them away.
To make sure it can do that, it should have a mesh density of 1000 holes per square inch - that is, per square inch.

The disadvantage of having such a tight net around the head is that it can get quite dark inside and that it becomes a lot of one's own exhaled air that is breathed in again.

The different models of mosquito nets for the head

Most of the mosquito nets for the head that exist can be used alone for the head, without a hat or cap included.
In other models, the mosquito net is in a cap on top of the brim or as part of a hat. This naturally provides more uses, as the cap will also shade the face from the sun.