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Men's clothing

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Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Hat

Light and cozy hat
396.00 kr 269.00 kr

Carinthia ECIG 4.0 Jacket

Jacket for extremely cold weather.
8 586.00 kr 7 791.00 kr

Carinthia ECIG 4.0 Trousers

Outdoor pants for extreme cold temperatures.
6 199.00 kr 4 609.00 kr

Carinthia G-Loft ISG 2.0 Jacket

Carinthia shell jacket for men
4 768.00 kr 3 178.00 kr

Carinthia G-Loft ISG 2.0 Jacket

Hybrid fiber jacket with softshell sleeves
4 609.00 kr

Carinthia G-LOFT Loden Trousers

Pants with wool
5 086.00 kr

Carinthia G-Loft TLG Vest

Lækker G LOFT isoleret vest til hverdag og aktivitet
3 019.00 kr

Carinthia G-Loft Ultra Hoody

Fiber forest jacket
3 973.00 kr

Carinthia G-Loft Ultra Vest 2.0

Vest with G-loft insulation
2 860.00 kr

Carinthia HIG 4.0 Jacket

Well-insulated jacket
6 199.00 kr

Carinthia HIG 4.0 Trousers

Pants with a lot of insulation and Gore Windstopper.
5 722.00 kr

Carinthia MIG 4.0 Trousers

Lined trousers
5 722.00 kr

Carinthia MILG Jacket

Versatile hunting jacket for winter
6 040.00 kr

Carinthia PRG 2.0 Jacket

Smart jacket in a relaxed look.
6 994.00 kr

Carinthia Survival Rain Pants

Rainbow pants with small pack volume
3 496.00 kr

Carinthia TLG Jacket

G-loft jacket
3 496.00 kr

Carinthia TRG Rain Suit Jacket

Tactical shell jacket
9 379.00 kr

Carinthia TRG Rain Suit Trousers

Rain pants that do not compromise on quality.
4 927.00 kr

Carinthia TRG Trousers

Waterproof pants for outdoor activities
6 199.00 kr

Cartinthia Mig 4.0 Jacket

Fiber forest jacket
6 199.00 kr 5 245.00 kr

CMP Hybrid Jacket

Mid-layer with windproof upper part
1 270.00 kr 793.00 kr

CMP Man Long Pant

Light and functional
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

CMP Mens Polo Stretch

Polo with high sun protection
793.00 kr 221.00 kr

CMP Zip Off Pant Men

Summer pants with stretch
1 191.00 kr 555.00 kr

Outdoor clothing for real men

Wide selection of outdoor clothing for all year adventures. Outdoor clothing is technical clothing for the active part of our lives - where we relax in nature, sometimes with a high pulse. It is therefore important that the clothes can withstand the outdoor life.

Andersenoutdoor.com sells the highest quality technical clothing that can be used again and again in the woods and bushes, on hikes in the mountains, as a scout on a hike, or with the family on a ski trip. We sell clothes that can withstand being used and can withstand wind and weather.

Our buyers are always on the hunt for the latest trends and good deals on outdoor clothing. You will therefore always find the latest in clothing, from ski underwear and boxer shorts to shell jackets, rainwear, or warm outer jackets. From hiking socks to warm hats - always a good offer and always with easy access to return if you want to exchange or get your money back.

What makes clothing outdoor clothing?

Clothing made for outdoor use has a high degree of technical features built in. For example, stretch in the fabric, membranes that make the clothing waterproof or windproof, sun protection properties, quick-drying properties, and last but not least, high durability.

Of course, you can easily go into the forest in a pair of jeans and a cotton t-shirt and have a fantastic trip out of it. But if you encounter moisture, strong sun, lots of wind, or if you need to go a bit further than you thought, then you will be happy for real outdoor clothing.

If you have difficulty finding the right clothes or need solid advice, do not hesitate to call or write to us - we are here for you. We know a lot about which clothes are best in specific situations.