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Primino 140 Crew Neck

Montane t-shirt with Merino wool and Primaloft
793.00 kr

Woolpower Tee 200

Woolpower merino wool t-shirt
1 080.00 kr 952.00 kr

Fusion Mens C3 Merino LS

Merino wool base layer for everyday and training.
1 191.00 kr 834.00 kr

Helly Hansen Lifa merino Lightweight half Zip

1 111.00 kr 634.00 kr

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Lightweight Crew 2023

Men's Ski Base Layer in Merino Wool
952.00 kr 396.00 kr

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Midweight Crew 2023

Men's ski base layer in Merino wool
1 032.00 kr 634.00 kr

HH Lifa Stripe Long_sleeve Crew

Helly Hansen year-round sports shirt
634.00 kr 316.00 kr

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Midweight Zip 2023

Ski underlayer with Zip
1 111.00 kr 714.00 kr

Montane Dart Zip Neck

Long-sleeved t-shirt in recycled polyester
714.00 kr 555.00 kr

Lundhags Gimmer Merino Lt Ms 1_2 Zip

Merino wool ski base layer
1 588.00 kr 952.00 kr

Montane Primino 140 Zip Neck

Ski baselayer with merino wool
1 111.00 kr 873.00 kr

Ulvang Rav 100 round neck

Versatile woolen sweater
1 111.00 kr 634.00 kr

Ulvang Rav 100 Turtle Neck with zip Ms

Wool sweater in pure merino wool
1 191.00 kr 714.00 kr

Woolpower Crewneck 200 Skiundertrøje

Woolpower's merino wool baselayer.
1 270.00 kr 952.00 kr

Woolpower Lite Ms Zip Turtleneck

Ski base layer with a high wool blend
1 239.00 kr

Woolpower Crewneck LITE

Woolpower baselayer for men.
1 193.00 kr

Woolpower Zip Turtleneck 200

Woolpower baselayer with half zip.
1 429.00 kr 1 191.00 kr

Woolpower Tee Lite Baselayer

Year-round t-shirt in luxurious merino wool.
1 000.00 kr 714.00 kr

Thermo turtle neck w/zip Ms

Ulvang Thermo Turtle Neck w/zip for men: Warm, versatile wool undershirt in sustainable merino wool - perfect for outdoor adventures and gentle on the environment.
1 429.00 kr

Ulvang Comfort 200 turtle neck zip Ws

High comfort and good warmth
1 191.00 kr 873.00 kr

Helly Hansen Merino Crew Ski base layer

Skinder shirt in 100% pure merino wool - Mulesing free and pure natural product
1 270.00 kr 793.00 kr

Helly Hansen Merino 1/2 Zip

Ski base layer in 100% pure merino wool - Mulesing-free, itch-free and really soft.
1 429.00 kr 952.00 kr

Haglöfs L.I.M Roundneck Men

Lightweight and versatile baselayer or midlayer for men - Bluesign certified
952.00 kr 714.00 kr

Montane Dart Thermo Zip Neck

Thermoundertrøje med Polygene behandling - varm og svedtransporterende
952.00 kr 714.00 kr