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Gas and fuel bottles

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Gas Adaptor

Primus gas cans refill Power lighters.
205.00 kr

Jetboil CrunchIt Recycling Tool

Tool for puncturing gas cylinders
157.00 kr

Jetpower Fuel 100 gram

Jetboil gas for stoves
87.00 kr

Jetpower Fuel 450 gram

Jetboil gas for stoves
167.00 kr

Primus Allroundgas 135 gr.

Gas for lighters
46.00 kr

Primus Power Gas 100g

Primus Allround Gas.
78.00 kr 59.00 kr

Primus Power Gas 230g

Primus allround gas in can with thread
94.00 kr 78.00 kr

Primus Power Gas 450g

Primus allroundgas
142.00 kr 110.00 kr

Sikkerhedsflaske 0,3 liter

Trangia bottle for multi-fuel stove and alcohol.
205.00 kr

Sikkerhedsflaske 0,5 liter

Trangia bottle for multifuel stove.
221.00 kr

Sikkerhedsflaske 1,0 liter

Trangia bottle for multifuel stove.
237.00 kr

Winter Gas 230 gram

First, I want to confirm that you want a translation from Danish (da) to English (en). If that is correct, the translation of the text "Primus gas til vinterbrug" would be "Primus gas for winter use" in English.
126.00 kr

Gas for Primus and Trangia - The good quality

The right fuel in the right amount is ultimately important for success on your outdoor trip - and sometimes for your survival. Buy the right quality and you are more secure that your burner does not soot. You are also sure that you use only a low amount of gas per meal and therefore you don't have to carry too much on your trips.

Summer gas and winter gas

Primus, among others, have introduced gas for use in summer and winter and sells it together with their all-round gas. But what is the difference? The individual gases are optimized for use at different temperatures, and therefore you use less gas in the individual situations. Primus' winter gas also has a membrane in the top part of the gas can - where the gas comes out. It allows you to not have to sit and warm the can in order to get optimal combustion.

Maybe you have tried with an all-round gas of good quality, that you have to sit and warm the can when the temperature is around freezing point, in order for the gas to burn optimally. You don't have to do that with Primus' winter gas, which burns optimally without having to keep the can warm.