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Footwear accessories

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Endurance Arch Support Low

Insoles with low arch support.
396.00 kr 237.00 kr

Aetrex Cleats L1205 Unisex

Quality insoles for sports.
793.00 kr

Aetrex Compete L400 Men

Come into the store and get your foot scanned.
952.00 kr

Aetrex Compete L400 Women

Insert of the highest quality
952.00 kr

Aetrex Compete L405 Men

Support for medium and high arches
952.00 kr

Aetrex Compete L405 Women

Insole that relieves your forefoot
952.00 kr

Aetrex L1200 Cleats Unisex

Sports insoles of high quality
793.00 kr

Aetrex Premium L2300 Men

Comfortable insole with Premium Memory Foam
1 111.00 kr

Aetrex Premium L2305 Men

Premium edition of L405 from Aetrex - with metatarsal support
1 111.00 kr

Aetrex Premium L2305 Women

Soles with Premium Memory Foam and Pelotte
1 111.00 kr

All Weather Cycle Overshoe

Neoprene Overshoe
793.00 kr

All Weather LED Cycle Overshoe

Bicycle shoes with LED lights
1 032.00 kr

Armaskin AntiBlister Socks

No more blisters on hikes.
475.00 kr


Helsport bivouac shoes
952.00 kr

Carinthia Booties 36 to 40 Olive

Fiber-reinforced socks for camp life
1 429.00 kr 1 111.00 kr

Endurance Alcudia Bamboo Run Sock

3-pack running socks
332.00 kr 189.00 kr

Endurance Arch Support High

Insole with high arch support.
396.00 kr 237.00 kr

Endurance Arch Support Medium

Insoles with medium arch support.
396.00 kr 237.00 kr

Fusion C3Sock

Medium Volume running socks
221.00 kr

G-MAX Leather Conditioner 100 ml.

To treat leather boots and shoes
157.00 kr

Granger's G-Wax 80 gr.

wax for footwear
127.00 kr

Grangers Footwear Repel Spray

Maintains water resistance and breathability in footwear
253.00 kr

Grangers Odour Eliminator 275 ml.

Air purifier free from PFC
159.00 kr

Grangers Rubber Boot Care 150 ml.

Care for rubber boots
157.00 kr 173.00 kr

Improve and protect your footwear with our accessories

Check out our range of essential footwear accessories, designed to enhance and prolong the life of your favorite shoes. Whether you need to refresh your hiking boots or add extra comfort to your everyday shoes, we have what you need.

Gaiters - Protection against the elements

Our gaiters are ideal for keeping your legs and shoes protected from wet and muddy conditions, perfect for adventurous hiking.

Shoe Care - Preserve your shoes like new

With our shoe care products, you can easily maintain and extend the durability of your shoes, ensuring they always look good and perform optimally.

Shoelaces - Customize your footwear

Personalize your shoes with our selection of shoelaces, available in different colors and lengths to match your style.

Insoles - Extra comfort and support

Get extra comfort and support with our insoles, perfect for improving the fit and feel of your shoes.

Explore our full range of footwear accessories and find the perfect complement to your shoes.