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Food and drink

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Adventure Food Bobotie

Rye, raisins, apples, and beef
142.00 kr 120.00 kr

Adventure Food Expedition Breakfast

The translation of "Posen indeholder 1 portion" is "The bag contains 1 serving
110.00 kr 93.00 kr

Adventure Food Mince Beef Hotpot 1 portion

Adventurefood "Ready-to-cook" for 1 person.
142.00 kr 120.00 kr

Adventure Food Pasta Alle Noci

Adventurefood Pasta with walnuts
142.00 kr 120.00 kr

Adventure Food Quinoa A La Mexicana

Quinoa, mixed beans and sweet potato
142.00 kr 120.00 kr

Adventure Food Vegetable Hotpot

Delicious vegetable stew for 1 person
126.00 kr 107.00 kr

Coffee Brewer Guatemala Coffee

Grower's cup - 2 cups
24.00 kr

Coghlans Salt And Pepper Set

Salt and pepper set from Coghlans
32.00 kr 25.00 kr

Forestia Heaters Bag Pack 4pcs.

Vandaktiveret varmepose - 4 pcs.
78.00 kr 66.00 kr

Forestia Vegan Green Lentil Curry

Vegan Indian inspired dish
151.00 kr 128.00 kr

Growers Cup Colombia

Good coffee from a sustainable farm
24.00 kr

Honduras Capucas

Growers Cup 2 cups gourmet coffee
24.00 kr

OCC Arabica Gourmet Coffee 1 kg

Whole beans - ready for Barista coffee. Outdoor or in the kitchen.
316.00 kr

Adventure Food Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetables for one person.
64.00 kr 54.00 kr

Adventure Food Vanilla Dessert

Delicious vanilla dessert for 1 person
80.00 kr 68.00 kr

Trekking Kiks 125 gram

Trek'N Eat wholegrain biscuits
40.00 kr 34.00 kr

Beef Stroganoff with Rice, Gluten-free

Risret - freeze-dried
173.00 kr 147.00 kr

Trek'N Eat Egg powder 135 gram_10 eggs

Ægpulver til at tage med på eventyr
172.00 kr 146.00 kr

Trek´N Eat Chana Masala with Rice

Vegan and gluten-free meal - freeze-dried
126.00 kr 107.00 kr

Trek'N Eat Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice

Gluten-free dish - Freeze-dried
181.00 kr 154.00 kr

Trek'N Eat Chili con Carne with Beef

Freeze-dried food
197.00 kr 168.00 kr

Trek'n Eat Chocolate Mousse dessert

110.00 kr 93.00 kr

Trek´N Eat Couscous with Chicken

Freeze-dried food
154.00 kr 131.00 kr

Cream noodles with chicken and spinach

Trek'N Eat dinner dish
142.00 kr 120.00 kr

Food for outdoor torture
From the best producers
Food for outdoor torture is in many people's opinion synonymous with freeze-dried food - and it is indeed a brilliant method to ensure that vitamins and nutrients are preserved in the food. The principle of freeze-drying is quite simple. The food is frozen to -18 to -20 degrees Celsius and a blast of high heat releases the steam - without it turning into water.

How do you make freeze-dried food?

The freeze-dried food we use in large quantities when we go backpacking is produced in a fairly smart way that ensures that vitamins and nutrients are preserved much better than other drying methods.

When freeze-drying, the food is first frozen to -18 to -20 degrees Celsius in large freezing houses.
When it is certain that the food is completely frozen, even in the middle, 90-degree hot air is released into it. This releases all the ice particles that have formed in the food. They fall to the ground. They are then collected in a technically smart way, and what remains is now the food without liquid.

Other methods for dehydrating food

There are other methods for dehydrating food, and the most popular is probably the dehydrators you can buy for your home, where you can make your own dehydrated food.
It is incredibly charming to sit on the mountain and have made your own food and carried it there, without having to carry the liquid. It also allows you to make exactly the food you want and eat. It is highly recommended.