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Emergency kit Medium

Be ready in an emergency situation - Pack for the family

Manufacturer: Friliv
Delivery date: 2-5 days
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Perhaps it can be difficult to imagine in safe Denmark, where authorities and emergency services are always ready to help us if a situation arises.

But it increases the security in every family to be prepared if something unintended should happen and we might have to do without power for many days - maybe a week. The phone doesn't work, the internet is gone, refrigerators and freezers and most stoves will stop working.

We can't shop anywhere, because the stores' doors won't open, you can't pay - and we can't count on there being water in the taps or heat in the radiators. What do we do then?

With the Emergency Kit Medium, an ordinary family is ready to fend for themselves for up to 3 days - without all the conveniences we're used to.

The package contains:

Trangia 25 - 1 With gas burner

4 cans of gas, 450 grams each

1 Lifestraw Peak Compact Gravity Water Filter, 3 liters

20 Freeze-dried dinner meals

1 Headlamp with Batteries

Extra Batteries

1 box of matches

It's all packed in a box with a description of the contents on the outside, so it can stand on its own in a corner of the family's home and simply provide security in itself.