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Coffee Brewer Guatemala Coffee

Grower's cup - 2 cups
24.00 kr

Growers Cup Colombia

Good coffee from a sustainable farm
24.00 kr

Honduras Capucas

Growers Cup 2 cups gourmet coffee
24.00 kr

OCC Arabica Gourmet Coffee 1 kg

Whole beans - ready for Barista coffee. Outdoor or in the kitchen.
316.00 kr

OCC CrushGrind Coffee Grinder

Handheld coffee grinder
634.00 kr

Operators Metalfilter for Cuppamokka

Reusable coffee filter
189.00 kr

Wacaco Picopresso

Outdoor barista coffee
1 906.00 kr

OCC Pipamoka Coffee Brewer

Handheld Barista Coffee
730.00 kr

Stanley Pour Over - Perfect Brew Coffee Filter

Take care of the vast majority of Stanley products
396.00 kr

Growers Cup coffee and tea
Just add boiling water and enjoy the hot drink
Growers Cup is ingenious, simple and can be used in any context where you have access to boiling water. It is coffee beans or tea leaves that are in a filter at the top. You just have to pour the boiling water into the bag, close it and wait for it to steep for 5 minutes and then pour.

Why is it called Growers Cup?

It is called Growers Cup for a simple but delicious reason.
A grower is the coffee farmer who goes to his fields every day and looks after the coffee plants, prunes them, fertilizes them and takes care of them according to all the rules of art. The cup of coffee a grower would choose for himself is the one selected to be used in Growers Cup - hence the name.