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Climbing equipment

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Edelrid Tech Web Sling 12 mm

120 cm sling
205.00 kr

Edelweiss 5 Meter Prussik

A Prusik cord with a diameter of 5 mm
119.00 kr

Edelweiss Acc. Cord 5mm

Prussik cord 5 meters
78.00 kr

Edelweiss Accessory Cord 10 meter

Used as a Prussik
94.00 kr

Edelweiss Challenge HG XL

Very good for clubs!
682.00 kr

Edelweiss D8

8-plate with some changes
157.00 kr

Edelweiss Dart Harness

Full ergonomic and lightweight belt for both genders.
714.00 kr

Discover 8mm20m Supereverdry

20 M long water-resistant climbing rope
517.00 kr

Edelweiss Dyneema Sling 10 mm.

Let lightweight sling in Dyneema
555.00 kr

Edelweiss Dyneema Sling 240 cm

Light and very compact slings
1 541.00 kr

Edelweiss Guru Alpin

Edelweiss Guru Alpin brake
396.00 kr

Edelweiss O3 Karabin

With automatic lock and a good oval shape
205.00 kr

Edelweiss O-Flex 10_2mm 200m

200 meter tov
11 128.00 kr

Edelweiss Prussik 3mm

10 meter prussik
78.00 kr

Edelweiss Prussik 60 Meter

A prusik cord with a diameter of 2 mm.
253.00 kr

Edelweiss Prussik 6mm

5 meter prussik
103.00 kr

Edelweiss Prussik Reb

Prussik on a reel of 60 meters
437.00 kr

Edelweiss Rebbørste

Extend the life of the rope
269.00 kr

Edelweiss Sling Tubular 16mm x 120cm (pack of 5)

Pack of 5 slings
475.00 kr

Edelweiss Dyneema Sling

30 cm slings
78.00 kr

Edelweiss Top C

Edelweiss Top C Carabiner - lightweight
126.00 kr

Edelweiss Trafic Simple Pulley

Pulley for 16 mm rope
412.00 kr

Jul 2 Belay Kit Bulletproof Triple

1 175.00 kr

Lifeventure Karabiners (3 Pack)

carabiner for travel use
127.00 kr 102.00 kr

Climbing gear for walls and rocks from the best manufacturers
Karabiners, ropes, harnesses, figure eights, and much more
Climbing gear has almost always been used for mountaineering, especially for more technically difficult mountains. Today, climbing gear is used for both sport climbing and ascents.

And many have fallen for the physically demanding sport that also requires good coordination, agility, and tactical understanding.

How do I find a good climbing harness?

A good climbing harness should meet your needs, and there is a lot to choose from. Some excel by being lightweight and can be packed into a small size. This matters if you need to carry the harness in your backpack up the mountain before using it. Other harnesses have good padding and overall comfort, which is more important if you hang in it for multiple hours at a time.
The common thing for all harnesses is that they have an expiration date regardless of how much you have used them. This is due to the fatigue that can occur in the material, and for safety reasons, you should discard it when the expiration date is reached.
If you are unsure about the expiration date of your climbing equipment, please contact us.

What if I am a beginner and need a lot of gear?

If you need a larger amount of climbing gear, please contact us. We can often supply more than what you see for sale on this site, and we can also find a package price that is attractive to you when purchasing larger quantities.
Often, it includes a couple of longer ropes, static or dynamic, a number of karabiners and figure eights, slings, one or two harnesses, and a helmet. With such a package, you are off to a good start and can purchase more as you need it.