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Washing & Impregnation

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Grangers Down Repel 300 ml.

Spoil your feathers
285.00 kr

Fabsil Gold Universal Protector 1.0 liter

Impregnation that ensures long durability
730.00 kr

Fabsil Wax Cotton Spray 200 ml.

Restore the appearance of waxed clothing
157.00 kr

Grangers 2in1 Clean_Proof 1000 ml.

Imprægnering til beklædning
539.00 kr

Grangers 2in1 Down Clean_Proof 300 ml.

Impregnation and washing for Down clothing
301.00 kr

Grangers 30 ° Repel 300 ml.

Impregnation that works by air drying
285.00 kr

Grangers 30° Merino Wash 300 ml.

Laundry detergent for your wool underwear
157.00 kr

Grangers 30° Performance Wash 1000 ml.

Efficient detergent for all types of clothing
380.00 kr

Grangers 30° Performance Cleaner 300 ml.

Effective detergent for all types of clothing
221.00 kr

Grangers Performance Repel plus

285.00 kr

Grangers Performance Repel Plus Eco Refill 275 ml.

No refill
173.00 kr

Grangers Wash and Repel Clothing 2in1 300 ml.

285.00 kr

Nikwaw Down Proof

135.00 kr

Nikwax Aqueous Wax

Leather balm for smooth leather footwear
103.00 kr

Nikwax Basefresh

Deodorizing detergent for underwear
87.00 kr

Nikwax Down-Wash

135.00 kr

Fabric and Leather spray-on

119.00 kr

Nikwax Leather Conditioner Spray

Leather care product
119.00 kr

Nikwax New Polarproof

Polartec detergent
151.00 kr

Nikwax Soft Shell proof

Impregnation for your softshell jacket
183.00 kr

Nikwax Tech-Wash

Technical detergent
119.00 kr

Nikwax Twinpack Tech Wash_TX-Direct.

Technical detergent and impregnation
628.00 kr

Nikwax TX-Direct Wash-in

Impregnation for rainwear
358.00 kr 285.00 kr

TX-Direct Wash-in

Technical shell detergent
189.00 kr

Impregnation for outdoor clothing and footwear

Test winners and environmentally friendly products in one
Impregnation for outdoor clothing comes in many variations and should be used differently. We are ready to help you on your way with advice and guidance, so your clothing and shoes and boots are ready for the next expedition.

Should outdoor clothing be tumble dried after impregnation?

Impregnation of outdoor clothing sometimes needs to be finished with a heat treatment to achieve the right effect of the treatment, but not always.

If you are in doubt, call or write to us, we are happy to guide you among the assortment we know.

Grangers impregnation is an integral part of our assortment, due to our good experiences with the use of the product and the fact that they often win the tests they participate in.
Some of Grangers' products need to be tumble dried or ironed after treatment, while others can air dry and achieve the same effect. You can read it on the packaging or contact us.