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Outdoor Accessories

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Grangers Down Repel 300 ml.

Spoil your feathers
285.00 kr

Operators Aftersun Lotion

Developed for soldiers - no grease
205.00 kr

AB Canvas Tape 10 meters Gray

189.00 kr

Arc Jet C S

714.00 kr 571.00 kr

Binocular expert 8

Silva binoculars
3 496.00 kr 2 797.00 kr


159.00 kr

Bug Sheets 2 P

Travelsafe mosquito net and pillow protector - 2 persons
634.00 kr

Camelbak Cleaning Tablets (8 pack)

Cleaning tablets for your hydration bladder or bottle
301.00 kr 240.00 kr

Camelbak Impact Protector Panel Black_Teal

Protection for the back
674.00 kr 540.00 kr

Carex IcePack

24.00 kr

Carex X Pro Sportstape 3.75cm

Sports tape with good support
46.00 kr

Carson 4.5x BugLoupe Magnifier

Magnifying glass
205.00 kr

Carson 6x18mm MiniMight Monocular

475.00 kr

Carson BugView One Hand 5x

Magnifying glass with light
237.00 kr

Carson Kids Outdoor Adventure Set

Outdoorsæt til børn
714.00 kr 475.00 kr

Carson Kikkert til børn 8x26mm RD Series

Lightweight and sturdy binoculars
2 224.00 kr

Carson Mini Aura Night Vision Device

3 019.00 kr

Carson MiniScout 7x18mm binoculars

Smaller telescope
873.00 kr

Carson Monocular - Small binocular

7-21x21mm MonoZoom Monocular
714.00 kr

Carson ScoutPlus 10x25mm Binoculars

1 111.00 kr

Coghlans 150cm Arno Straps

2 pcs.
110.00 kr 88.00 kr

Coghlans 3 in 1 Game Roll

3 compact games for the vacation
253.00 kr 202.00 kr

Coghlans 3 in 1 Tower Game

3 fun games you can take into the forest
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Coghlans 6 mm Carabiner

Not for climbing
14.00 kr 11.00 kr

Accessories for outdoor and travel
All the good stuff
At andersenoutdoor.com we take pride in always being able to find everything you need for your outdoor adventure or journey.

In the Miscellaneous category under accessories, you will find many gadgets used in various outdoor contexts. We would like to admit that the category has been created because we have difficulty placing the items elsewhere than in such a broad category as accessories - but take a look around - we are also ready to send these items with very short notice.
A lot of what you find here is about safety when traveling. The entire TSA system is presented here in the form of TSA approved locks in many designs.
TSA approved locks have the great advantage that they can be unlocked by custom officers at airports or other places where custom officers are present, using a special key they have available. This way, you avoid coming to a suitcase where your regular padlock has been cut open and there has been access to the contents by others than the officers after they have cut the lock. Of course, the officers can lock the lock again once they have seen that you are just heading for an adventure and not looking to cause trouble.