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Fleece & Sweatshirts

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Didriksons Bergen Youth Hood

Transitional jacket with fleece.
714.00 kr 475.00 kr

Didriksons Briska Kids Jacket 2

Windproof children's jacket with removable hood.
793.00 kr 475.00 kr

Didriksons Corin Kids Full Zip Jacket 5

Varm og yderst komfortabel trøje til hverdag og mellemlag
634.00 kr

Didriksons Corin Kids Fullzip 4

Soft and delicious softshell
555.00 kr

Didriksons Corin Kids Jacket 3

Lovely softshell for children.
475.00 kr

Didriksons Halden Boys Hoodie 4

Hybrid jacket for juniors
952.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Halden Boys Hoodie 5

Jacket with fiber panels and hood.
952.00 kr

Didriksons Halden Bs Fullzip 6

Soft and luxurious hoodie.
952.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Jadis Kids Set 2

Use it alone or as an intermediate layer
555.00 kr

Didriksons Jadis Kids Set 3

Warm and soft fleece set for the children.
634.00 kr

Didriksons Jagger Kids Jacket

Nice soft children's fleece.
793.00 kr

Didriksons Norma Kids Jacket

Soft and luxurious spring jacket - waterproof and breathable.
793.00 kr

Didriksons Ohlin Kids Full Zip 4

Miniature version of a fiber fleece.
475.00 kr

Didriksons Tess Kids Jacket

Jacket for children in an A-line shape.
1 588.00 kr

Didriksons Tovik Girls Hoodie 3

Hybrid sweater for girls.
952.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Tovik Girls Hoodie 4

Lun og komfortabel hybridjakke
952.00 kr 634.00 kr

Didriksons Tovik Girls Hoodie 5

Hot fleece with fiber channels over the torso
952.00 kr

Didriksons Zea Kids Stretch Jacket

Soft and nice softshell.
634.00 kr

Helly Hansen JR Daybreaker 2.0 Fleece

The classic HH fleece for juniors
634.00 kr 475.00 kr

V Kids Manukau Fleece Jacket

Soft fleece for children
1 032.00 kr

Vaude Kids Pulex Jacket

Fleece sweater with full zipper
698.00 kr

Didriksons Kapris Kids Fullzip Jacket

Warm hoodie for outdoor autumn adventures
1 032.00 kr

Didriksons Monte Kids Coverall 2

Comfortable Microfleece Onesie for Children
634.00 kr

Didriksons Exa Kids FZ Fleece

Bamset children's fleece with continuous zipper.
793.00 kr

Andersenoutdoor.com only has solid jackets of the highest quality for children who like to play outside all year round.

You may be familiar with the 3-layer principle when it comes to dressing correctly in cold weather. On the inside, you need a moisture-wicking layer that can keep your skin dry. The middle layer should insulate and retain heat. The outer layer is for keeping wind and water out while also allowing moisture from the body to escape into the air.

Fleece and softshell are the most commonly used jackets for the middle layer, that is, for retaining heat. They are also used in spring and autumn as transitional jackets, that is, as the outermost jacket when it is not raining.

There is a lot to choose from. How do you choose the right one?

If you want a jacket that also has a degree of water repellency, you should use a softshell. As the name suggests, it is a shell jacket, that is, a jacket for outerwear. It is typically not waterproof, but only water repellent. Being able to keep a small shower out can often be useful in a country like Denmark.

Fleece is now increasingly made from recycled soda bottles and turned into a polyester material. It provides good insulation, is pleasantly soft, and has good durability. And when you say fleece, you almost simultaneously say Polartec. The recognized and very large manufacturer of fleece fabric supplies to virtually all major brands in outdoor clothing.

If you need specific knowledge about the products you find on andersenoutdoor.com, or in general knowledge about outdoor products, you are welcome to call or write.