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Diverse Kitchen Equipment

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Opinel Le Petit Chef Set

Kitchen set for children
793.00 kr

Petromax Leather Apron

Ready for grilling and campfire food
1 429.00 kr 1 144.00 kr

Coghlans G.I. Dåseåbner

G.I. can opener from Coghlans
46.00 kr 37.00 kr

Robens Carson Lid Lifter

Lid Lifter for safe handling of hot lids
126.00 kr

Sea to Summit Passage Bowl - M

The heat distribution bowl that fits well in the hand
111.00 kr

OCC CrushGrind Coffee Grinder

Handheld coffee grinder
634.00 kr

Operators Metalfilter for Cuppamokka

Reusable coffee filter
189.00 kr

Petromax Locking plate for Cool Box

Quickly mounted lock fitting with integrated bottle opener
316.00 kr 253.00 kr

Petromax Cool Box 75 Litre Alpine white

White cooler box - the eternal classic
6 040.00 kr 4 832.00 kr

Petromax Cool Box 50 Liters

Large cooler for outdoor use
3 814.00 kr 3 052.00 kr

Stanley adventure lunch cooler 6.6 L thermobox

Robust and well-insulated thermobox
1 270.00 kr 1 032.00 kr

Stanley Cooler Box 15.1 L

Robust and well-insulated thermobox
1 588.00 kr 1 270.00 kr

Stanley Outdoor Lunch 28 Liter

Stay cold for up to 96 hours
3 576.00 kr 2 701.00 kr

Tatonka Cooler Bag L

25 Liters cooler bag - nice design
714.00 kr

Wacaco Picopresso

Outdoor barista coffee
1 906.00 kr

OCC Pipamoka Coffee Brewer

Handheld Barista Coffee
730.00 kr

Muurika Frying spray

Spray for cooking
157.00 kr 126.00 kr

Spice carousel 6-piece

Practical camping and hiking model
72.00 kr

Coghlans Deluxe Broiler

grill grate
237.00 kr 190.00 kr

Sea to Summit Frontier UL Collapsible Pour Over

Light and foldable coffee filter for all types of cups and pitchers
332.00 kr

Trangia Outdoor Cookbook 2021

Cookbook of 90 pages with great ideas for food on Trangia
127.00 kr

Camelbak Fusion 6L Group Reservoir with Tru Zip W

Stor og virkelig smart vandbeholder til grupper
1 270.00 kr 1 016.00 kr

Tatonka Teapot 1,0 liter

Tatonka Teapot 1,0 liter
634.00 kr

Tatonka Scout set 1,0 l

Gryde med låg, der også kan fungere som tallerken.
412.00 kr