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Layer bags

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Carinthia Liner Polycotton

Layered bag for defense sleeping bags
952.00 kr

Lifeventure Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

plastic bag
557.00 kr 445.00 kr

Lifeventure Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

Layered bag in pure cotton
555.00 kr 444.00 kr

Lifeventure Silk Ultimate Sleeping Bag Liner, Mummy

Silke lagenpose
1 111.00 kr 889.00 kr

Lifeventure Silk Sleeping Bag Liner - Grey

Lagenpose in lovely soft pure silk.
1 270.00 kr 1 016.00 kr

Robens Mountain Liner Square

Compact and sweat-wicking liner sheet
316.00 kr

Sea To Summit Extra Long Sleeping Bag

Extra long stuff sack from Sea To Summit
475.00 kr 380.00 kr

Sea To Summit Expander Liner

Lagenpose af bomuld fra Sea To Summit
428.00 kr 342.00 kr

Sea To Summit Cotton Liner

Cotton sleeping bag from Sea To Summit
475.00 kr 380.00 kr

Sea to Summit Reactor EXT Thermolite® Long Sleeping Bag Liner

Extra long mummy-shaped inner bag
1 143.00 kr 915.00 kr

Sea To Summit Reactor Extreme plus 15

Warm sleeping bag in soft material
1 111.00 kr 793.00 kr

Sea To Summit Reactor Fleece Liner Plus 18

Fleece liner that provides an extra 18 degrees to the comfort temperature
1 111.00 kr 873.00 kr

Sea To Summit Reactor Plus 8

Warm Sleeping Bag from Sea To Summit
793.00 kr 635.00 kr

Sea to Summit Silk Stretch Liner - Standard (Rectangular) Navy Blue

Silkelagenpose til at komme indeni soveposen. Ren luksus og rigtigt godt for hygiejnen.
1 588.00 kr 1 270.00 kr

Sea To Summit Silk Liner Bag

Silk liner from Sea To Summit
1 779.00 kr 1 398.00 kr

Silk Ultimate Sleeping Bag Liner - Rectangular

Soft and delicious liner - square
1 509.00 kr 1 207.00 kr

Sleepingbag inlet micro fiber Envelope

Layer bag for rectangular sleeping bag
316.00 kr

TravelSafe Sleepingbag Inlet Cotton

Cotton sleeping bag liner for your sleeping bag
316.00 kr

Travelsafe Sleeping Bag Inlet Micro Fiber Mummy

Insert into the sleeping bag
269.00 kr

Vaude Bivouac I.2

Bivvy bag for sleeping bag
793.00 kr 555.00 kr

Nordisk Fleece Inlet Kids Mummy

Nordic inner liner for children's sleeping bag.
523.00 kr

Nordisk Cotton Liner Blanket

Nordic lightweight cotton blanket.
285.00 kr

Lifeventure Polycotton Sleeping Bag Liner

lightweight liners
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

Travelsafe Lagenpose Silk Mummy

Silk bedding bag.
1 588.00 kr

Sheet bags for sleeping bags

Large selection of sheet bags in silk and fleece. At andersenoutdoor.com you will find a wide selection of sheet bags for sleeping bags as well as the best sleeping pads. It is a really good idea in many contexts to use a sheet bag inside the sleeping bag.

How much does the sheet bag increase the comfort temperature?

Depending on the material you choose to invest in, a sheet bag can increase the comfort temperature by 4 - 8 degrees, which is actually quite a lot. If you choose, for example, a sheet bag made of silk, you can settle for an extra weight of about 150 grams. On the other hand, the comfort temperature increases by 6 degrees. That is quite a lot and is sometimes used by extreme sports enthusiasts. They can then settle for a very light summer sleeping bag plus a sheet bag.

Which sheet bag should I choose?

A sheet bag is chosen because the comfort temperature increases and it is more hygienic. The hygienic aspect comes from the fact that it can be washed again and again. It doesn't matter whether you choose one made of silk or fleece. The comfort temperature increases slightly more with a silk sheet bag, of course depending on the thickness of the silk bag chosen.