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Ceiling lights

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Headlamp LR2000RC

Up to 2300 lumens - rechargeable
3 918.00 kr 3 134.00 kr

Intensity 155 Headlamp

155 Lumens flashlight
412.00 kr 329.00 kr

Led Lenser H5R Core

500 Lumens rechargeable headlamp
1 080.00 kr 676.00 kr

Led Lenser Neo9R

Pandelampe med 1200 Lumen
1 429.00 kr 937.00 kr

LedLenser KidLed 2

40 Lumens flashlight for children
285.00 kr 228.00 kr

Lifesystems Intensity 230 Head Torch - Rechargeable

Pandelampe med 230 lumen
396.00 kr 317.00 kr

SI Exceed 4R

Flashlight with 2000 lumens
3 973.00 kr 3 179.00 kr

SI Scout 3XTH

810.00 kr 648.00 kr

Silva Battery 26 Wh

Battery at 3.5 AH
1 270.00 kr 1 016.00 kr

Silva Cross Trail 6

600 lumens headlamp
1 429.00 kr 1 144.00 kr

Silva Cross Trail 7R

Rechargeable - 600 lumens - waterproof
1 906.00 kr 1 525.00 kr

Silva Cross Trail 7XT

Rechargeable running headlamp with 600 lumens.
2 542.00 kr 2 034.00 kr

Silva Exceed 4X

2000 lumen, rechargeable and easy to use
4 768.00 kr 3 815.00 kr

Silva Explore 4

More advanced camping headlamp
674.00 kr 540.00 kr

Silva Explore 4RC

Flashlight with 400 lumens and rechargeable battery
1 032.00 kr 826.00 kr

Silva Free Battery Case 3xAAA

Hybrid box for batteries
412.00 kr 329.00 kr

Silva Headlamp battery velcro strap

Used to secure batteries
242.00 kr 194.00 kr

Silva Headlamp Exceed 3X

Flashlight with 2000 lumens.
3 973.00 kr 3 179.00 kr

Silva Headlamp Exceed 3XT

Flashlight with 2200 lumens.
4 768.00 kr 3 815.00 kr

Silva Hybrid Battery 1,25Ah

Fits Trailrunner and Scout 3 series.
350.00 kr 280.00 kr

Silva Scout 3

22nd lumen - option for rechargeable battery
555.00 kr 444.00 kr

Silva Scout 3X

Flashlight with 300 lumens
555.00 kr 444.00 kr

Silva Scout 3XT

Flashlight with 350 lumens
634.00 kr 508.00 kr

Silva Spectra O

100 lumen torchlight
10 333.00 kr 8 267.00 kr

LED Headlamp for outdoor, orienteering, and professional use

Waterproof and shockproof headlamps from the best manufacturers.
Keep your hands free for cooking, reading maps, or simply having light during your run. Many models and good prices.
Headlamps used to be something reserved for orienteers and outdoor enthusiasts. Today, they are widely used by professionals such as mechanics and carpenters - and of course still very popular in the forest.

A good flashlight can be a great companion in a dark winter forest, whether you are cooking on a trangia or finding your way on a bike.

How do I choose a good headlamp?

A good and reliable headlamp should naturally meet your needs and budget. A regular camping lamp, also used by scouts, now primarily has two requirements: the right level of brightness and the right waterproofing.
The brightness should be around 150 lumens to allow you to navigate the terrain and illuminate a slightly larger area. On the other hand, it should also be able to dim the brightness if you are using it for regular camping activities such as cooking, setting up tents, etc.

A headlamp that can emit red light is preferred when multiple people are moving around in a small area. Being illuminated by a slightly too powerful white LED is annoying - here, the red light is much more preferable for your surroundings.

When is my headlamp waterproof?

Waterproofing is measured on the IPX scale.

IPX 1, 2, and 3 are practically non-existent, and if you get a headlamp that has these specifications, you should consider it as not being waterproof.

IPX4 is waterproof for normal rain.
IPX5 is waterproof for water jets directed at the headlamp.
IPX6 is waterproof for stronger water jets directed at the headlamp.
IPX7 is waterproof for the headlamp to be submerged 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes.
IPX8 is waterproof for more prolonged immersion in water - the manufacturer should specify how deep it can be submerged.